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The Orc Queen burning elven settlements on the Plains of Antor. She wished to ensure Orcs had Antor to themselves first and foremost

The Orc Queen was the founder of the Antorian Orc Horde, operating for some years in the decade of 2400 to 2410 a.a.H. which became the largest orcish empire in history, extending in the continent of Zarhuy between the Bareds to Lake Zher.


She came to power by uniting many of the nomadic and seminomadic giant Antorian Orcs in Central Zarhuy. Afterward, other orcish peoples -as Green Orcs of Kaiehm, tribes of the Bareds and the jungles and as south as the Orcs of Gronkav-joined her Horde.

Attempted Cultural ChangesEdit

Beyond her military accomplishments, the Orc Queen also advanced the Antorian Horde in other ways. She decreed the adoption of the Kaiehm Orc script as the Antorian Horde's writing system. She also practiced meritocracy and encouraged religious, orc races and non-orc tolerance in the Antorian Horde while unifying the nomadic and seminomadic tribes of Antor.

Legendary StatusEdit

Orc RevisionismEdit

After the Antorian Orc Horde essentially dissolved itself, the knowledgeable, preternaturally wise, and feminine role of the Orc Queen ascended beyond the actual woman, the Orcs themselves imagining her as they liked as they retold their tales of glory and transformed her story and her nature to suit themselves.

Elven AnimosityEdit

The High elves and Wild elfs of Vanilion, Nortolon, and Thilien worried endlessly about her return, and redoubled their efforts to pit the orcs against themselves, or to assassinate any chieftains that were rising and seemed to have the potential to unite the tribes once again.

The Nortolon Rangers and Orc Killers were much concerned with assassinating the now rather anonymous Orc queen or any new 'Orc Queens' that might rise in her place.

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