The order of the iris by shabazik-daet16j

The Order of Iris through history. 1. Lady Knight of Iris, Late Human Age. 2. Halberdier of the Iris, War of the Seven Realms. 3. Naftketier of the Iris, War of the Thirty Princes War of the Thirty Princes. The Order of the Iris modelled these troops after the Naftketiers of the Kingdom of Naft. 4. Chasseur of the Iris, Motzabilian Wars, 3048.

The Order of Iris was a mercenary amazon company, founded in northern Polforia, in Khar-Bad during the Late Human Age, and later set its Head Quarters in Pamelia.

Early HistoryEdit

Demonic OriginEdit

The Order of the Iris was a demonic amazon order founded in Khar-Bad by orders of the demon Ashmadael, The Ozcura-Demon prince, mimicking the organizations and training of the northwestern Aelian knightly military orders, while mixing it with amazon traditions.

Later PeriodsEdit

An auxiliary force of the Dark legion of Ashmadael, they became progressively independent, and by the time of the Sargonic Religious Wars, with the alliance between the Heresy of Nortender, the Demonic Dark Legion and Camilo VIII The Apostate, they will come to be mercenaries for any cause, as long it provided them with benefits, as happened during the Third War of the Power, where they shifted alliances several times.

Principality of PameliaEdit

Post CataclysmEdit

After The Cataclysm, with the disappearance of the Demon Lords, they will join the refugees of the Amazon princess Pamela of Nannig, migrating to southern Aels, playing an important role in the creation of the Principality of Pamelia -named after the Princess Pamela-.

Evolving RolesEdit

The Order of Iris continued to serve as mercenaries, either of the Princess of Pamelia or in the wars that ravaged post-cataclysmic Aels. Often, the Knights of the Iris were either veterans of the Princess Guard -the Amazons of Death-, or pledges to it.

Ending of the Continuous LineEdit

The Order continued to exist until the Anglasecuarnian Wars, when Pamelia -vassal state of the Caliphate of Anglasecuarnia- joined the Cretorian Alliance, incorporating the ranks of the Order of Iris into the national army.

Nebulosa of Ots EraEdit

When was created AZPHAR Private Military Division, as the armed branch of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals, they will revive the Order of the Iris as a condecoration.

While Azimuth Pharmaceuticals saw itself as a successor of the Pamelian pharmaceutical company Azimuth Apothecary of the XXIX century, AZPHAR, the PMC branch of Azimuth Pharmaceuticals, deciding to give it some more mystical to their armed forces decided they were successors of the Pamelian mercenaries of the Order of the Iris, both because this was in great part one of the inspirations for the promotional clothes of the models of Azimuth Apothecary -and later, of the AFras of Azimuth-, but as well for being a mostly female mercenary force.

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