The Order of the Watchers of Hellsgate was a Sovereign Military order of Aels, that existed between the 2.227 to the 2.434 a.a.H.

Founded after the First War of the Power by High elves and Humans, the Order of the Watchers of Hellsgate was given the task to guard the Soulstones of the Bazrrod demons lords, until the High Elves could learn and understand better the demonic magic, and learn of a way to destroy the soulstones of the demons.

They were given the rule over the Island Demonatch, garrisoning coastal fortresses, but most importantly, The Fortress of Hellsgate, in Mount Satanmet.

As High Elves and human join efforts began to fell apart, and due to the action of the Unlic Empire of Uslen and Vanolosé traders that eroded their power in Demonatch, the Order will become weaker and weaker:

The High Elves' magicians of the order never discovered how to destroy the demonic soulstones, and when finally the demons lieutenants came in force to liberate their masters, most of the fortresses of the order had been abandoned and were derelict, and only a handful of knights of the order attempted to resist the forces of the Witch King of Dol-Nur : the order was destroyed at the 2.434, and it utterly failed, as the Demon Princes were free again.

Due to the requests of the Empire of the Whide Axis at its foundation, it wasn't a religious military order, but most humans were Karentian Christians. Religion would be a cause of tension within the order itself, and in the vassal state they ruled, being Demonatch formally dependent of the Empire of Uslen, which was Unlic Christian.

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