Crop Osorio Aels by Shabazik

The Osorio River that divides the Osorio Valley, and flows to the Alan Ocean.

The Osorio was an Aelian river that began in the Lake of the King DeRey (Lake Del Rey), divided the Osorio Valley, and flows into the Alan Ocean via the Bay of Begian. It was long used as both a border river and also as a valued means of water travel. It was also a great defense against invasions from the east, from Polforia over the Dargoina Mountains, or from raiders from the hinterlands of the Barlans.

Description in BriefEdit

The Osorio runs south from King DeRey Lake (Lake Del Rey), and down the center of the Osorio Valley, it formed part of the Degoland-Sargos border across the Osorio valley and the went to the southwest, serving as a traditional border between the Five Human Kingdoms of the Northwest and the Barlans and eventually empties into the Alan Ocean in the Bay of Begian. It was the third longest river in Aels after the Barlans and the Polf River.

The River is wide enough to have habitable islands in its southern extent, with river traffic going up and down the way. There are castles and other fortifications along the river due to wars between the Five Northwest Human Kingdoms, and a need for defense from barbarians. There is a River Guard that based on and patrols the river to stop interlopers.

History in BriefEdit

The Osorio River was largely used as a fluvial and was navigable by the colonies of the High elves in Aels, and after the Age of Invasions, formed most of the Weseringian Empire's southern Border and, since those days, the Osorio was a vital and navigable waterway carrying trade and goods deep inland. The many castles and fortifications along the Osorio testify to its importance as a waterway in the human northwest and the later Holy Sargonic Empire.