The Paleolithic Era was an age in Aierian World History that lasted nearly 200,000 years. 

Aierian peoples spread rapidly from Zarhuy into the frost-free zones of Aels and Hieyoks around 60,000 years ago. The rapid expansion of aierian peoples to Ushaenor took place at the climax before the wars of the gods.

During this time, ancient stories and archeological remains speak of "gods that walked upon earth", who are supposed to have began building ancient Kazrrad around 108,000 years before the Apparition of humanity.

At some point, aierian peoples began using fire for heat and cooking. They also developed language in the Paleolithic period and a conceptual repertoire that included systematic burial of the dead and adornment of the living. Early artistic expression can be found in the form of cave paintings and sculptures made from wood and bone. During this period, all aierian lived as hunters-gatherers, and were generally nomadic; this means they hunted and foraged for food, and moved constantly from place to place.

This era ended with the wars of the gods, a serie of Natural disasters and cathastrophes, geomorphological changes as well strange phenomena that happened around the 24,000 - 23,500 a.a.H, being some bottleneck events for most of aierian populations with climatological changes


  • -200.000 Zarhuy. Aierian peoples arose in Zarhuy.
  • -108.000 Kazrrad. Beginning of the Construction of Kazrrad, the Underworld, by an unknown race.
  • -60.000 Zarhuy, Aels, Hieyoks. Aierian peoples spread from Zarhuy to Aels and Hieyoks.
  • -50.000 Aiers. Aierian peoples reached behavioral modernity.
  • -29.000 Aiers. Mesolithic Era or Upper Paleolithic
  • -23.500 Aierswars of the gods, serie of Natural disasters and cathastrophes, geomorphological changes as well strange phenomena.
  • -23.000 Ushaenor. Zuleis Elfs emigrate from Aels to Ushaenor, crossing Hieyoks.
  • -20.000 Kazrrad. Vanishing of the race that created Kazrrad, without any remains.

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