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Polforia, the great basin land

Polforia is an immense lowland in the north of the continent of Aels. It is a huge geologic bowl bounded by two principal mountain ranges, northern mountains and highlands and the eastern sea.



The majority of Polforia is low, much is quite low, bounded by higher elevations as the borders become foothills and eventually mountains.

Surrounding MountainsEdit

The Dargoina Mountains are an immense chain of mountains that define the area of Polforia to the west and south and can sometimes go quite high. They are very difficult to penetrate with large numbers of people using wagons. Only a few passes exist in the thousands of kilometers of the mountains that would allow large-scale transport through them. Much travel needs to use secondary passes that allow only foot travel, and those do not come easy either.

To the east, are the northern Nohalion Mountains, which likewise serves as a wall, albeit these mountains are more easily traversed. To the north are scattered mountains, volcanoes, and highlands of volcanic tuff and windswept high plains.

Only on the Northeast corner does the land open up to the Hieyokscream Sea, which is a land of a river delta inundating a low land, saltwater marshes near the sea, and a stormy narrow sea.

As a result, Polforia is often a shut away land, one of violence and mystery.


Rivers flow into Polforia from the surrounding mountains, where the water has few direct places to go, and tends to wind about, and slow, settle and pool in low places in the land. Hence, Polforia is a land of winding rivers that cuts the land up into sections that need to be crossed over into. Little lakes and ponds abound, and swamps or vast forests that are 'soggy' part of the year are common. Eventually, the water drains to the sea as the mighty Polf River, but seems to have difficulty finding its way.


Areas to the north-west of Polforia had active volcanoes or hills of volcanic tuff. The "Dustlands of Brûm" are one area of greater elevation where the land may be arid and dust sometimes blows in the wind despite the preponderance of water overall.


A great deal of game animals, or animals that existed in few other places lived here as the land had a rich ecosystem, two notable examples being the powerful herbivore known as the Durogon, and the bird with rich plumage called the Gaardu. However, a caveat was that animals often needed to be adapted to the land, and life could be a hard one.

Deer and wild pigs were common game animals. Predators such as big cats, wolves, and wargs lived here and could be a considerable danger. Loranor cat people also called this area home. After they were created by the Bazrrod demons, Werewolf packs would also compete with the Loranor and animal predators.


Polforia in many ways is a very rich land. But it is not wholly suited for large scale agriculture and animal husbandry that is more easily practiced elsewhere. While good land certainly exists in such a huge territory, it is often found near the borders where the ground gradually rises to the foothills of the ring of mountains, or else is interspersed in the interior.

Much such land is forested and needs to be cut, but the small number of roads and bridges and abundance of rivers and streams makes finding and getting to such areas challenging. Such plots are farmed by kanovs and elves, be they independent or demon servers, who hang fiercely onto them, or are forested altogether, forgotten, out of reach and patrolled by predators such as Werewolfs, Loranor, Wargs, wolves or big cats as hunting grounds.

Domesticated AnimalsEdit

Domesticated animals often had more problems, as good grazing land was usually found in the foothills, which were usually well forested and filled with predators. A large problem was stagnant water and hoof problems caused by being in wet surroundings. Fenced fields and pastures didn't work well here.


Quality cropland was even harder to come by, farms tended to be small and had diverse crops planted in hopes that some would survive particularly wet (or dry) years. Wide spread fields of grain were not easy to come by, plots of ground so suited were small and scattered, and that was where farms were located. Other ground was engineered, raised up hills to grow food were common.

Occupation through the AgesEdit


Polforia had been occupied for perhaps as long as sapient people existed on Aiers. This was the cradle of Elfkind, and probably the Goblins and orcs as well. The early Drow lived and hunted on the surface in nocturnal lives here. They would also start the world's first native civilization, and gain an ascendancy over other primitive peoples as the Empire of Drow

One should note that climate change, and active geology, had a role in pushing prehistoric elves, goblins and orcs out of Polforia and into other lands as thousands of years rolled by long before this.

Early War Against the DrowEdit

Later, the land would be struggled over between the drow and other elf groups such as the Rossnes and Flairie groups, along with the various Beast People, such as the aforementioned Loranor. They would do so with such vigor that the Drow would abandon their occupation of the surface, and retreat underground into the subterranean world of Kazrrad.

Kanovs and Humans Contest the LandEdit

After the Apparition of Humanity, Kanovs, humans and elves would long fight for dominance in the land, in the end of that contest, the Kanov tribes would be the most successful, humans would become uncommon in most of Polforia, and elves often being pushed to marginal areas such as swamps or deep forests. This is a rare case of humans failing to win the upper hand on a very large land, although elves and Beast People might maintain that Kanovs and humans are little different.

KanovHook WarsEdit

Demons would come here as well, and would set up their nascent cities in the interior far from where human civilizations could observe what they were doing and attempt to interfere. The Bazrrods developed a plan, an experiment, a large scale, intergenerational attempt to convert orcs and other peoples mostly in, but also out of Polforia, to their worship. The Bazrrod demons would build their armies and set themselves up as gods.

The Kanov peoples would most often oppose them, and would do so for quite some time in the Kanovhook wars. During this time, the Ozcura Orcs would be created to oppose and subdue the Kanov tribes and petty kingdoms that opposed the rise of the early Dark Legion of Demons. Joining them would be the Werewolf race who had been created perhaps before the Dark Legion's wars with Dume, the werewolves would carve out their 'Werewolf Kingdom' of Mondwargh at Kanov expense.

Dark Legion ConsolidationEdit

In the end, the Bazrrods would secure their central land of operations and carve it up into their own fiefdoms. They would set out in the First War of the Power to move beyond the vast, but enclosed, lands of Polforia in a bid to conquer all of the continent of Aels. They were very nearly successful in this endeavor, conquering the human kingdoms to the west, and pushing south, and even turning their attentions towards elves and the beast people that had remained neutral.

Crop Polforia the confederation of the free peoples2 by shabazik-d8qci6s

Polforia as a geologic formation more than the collection of political entities it became. Here is about where it lay on a political map. Note: "Polforia" on the map is sort of 'Lesser Polforia' a particularly low region, the red bound area is 'Greater Polforia', the land bounded by the mountains.

Allied ImperialismEdit

The entry of the High elves' Empire of Whide Axis into the war turned it around, Dark Legions being defeated, conquered lands freed. Eventually, Polforia being invaded and most of the primary and secondary bazrrods being cornered, discarnated and their Soul Stones captured. Humans and Grey elfs would then move in and set up colonies in a land grab, to tame the wild land, and to prevent the remaining Dark Legion forces from ruling their own fiefdoms and from building a great horde of an army in Polforia again.

Return of the Dark LegionEdit

However, despite many colonies being formed, they couldn't hold the land due to it proving often unprofitable or unsupportable in the way that they were farming it, and they were often attacked by the inhabitants of Polforia be they still beholden to the Dark Legion or just independent warlords or barbarous bands raiding colonial farms and villages. Few colonies succeeded for more than just a matter of years or few generations, and new attempts came to an end as there was too much resistance of the natives, and in large part, too many predations of animals or raiders, where crops often failed. Some colonies continued to hold out for almost two centuries but nearly all failed, but for Roccasone or those small colonies annexed by Roccasone.

Over time, the Demon Lords that remained would organize and expand their territories, often in Polforia, and would reorganize the many diverse races and factions living there. Starting with the release of the demon lords in 2436 a.a.H., Polforia would become united under the Bazrrods again. The last allied hold out of the kingdom of Roccasone would quickly fall in the Second War of the Power, marking the final end of the allied colonial efforts.

Polforia would also be newly colonized by the remaining Hake nations that remained in Ushaenor, who would found the city state of Zaghäl alongside Drow. This was just one latter city building project as the Dark Legion in its own turn would attempt to develop Polforia, and gain lasting allies who could also manipulate magic.

End of PolforiaEdit

Polforia would ultimately be almost completely destroyed at the end of the Third War of the Power in the concluding event known as The Cataclysm. By use of an ancient human 'super-artifact' the continent of Aels would be shifted and distorted, even many of the mighty mountains surrounding Polforia crumbling and collapsing into the crust. The already low land of Polforia would sink, much of it becoming the floor of a shallow sea.