The Polforian Sea is a marginal sea of the Alan Ocean located between the Sargonic Isles, the Archipelago of Stornkold, Yak Yak, Skager, Cyrvia, the Upperlands and Degoland. It connects to the Alan Ocean through the Strait of the Kings in the south, the Navaar straits to the northwest and the Yakkek Sea in the north.

Created as result of The Cataclysm with the sinking of Polforia, since then it became the site of important aelian shipping lanes as well as a major fishery. The sea is a popular destination for recreation and tourism in bordering countries and more recently has developed into a rich source of energy resources including fossil fuels, wind, and wave power.

The coast of the Polforian Sea presents a diversity of geological and geographical features. In the north, deep fjords and sheer cliffs mark the Yak Yak, Stornkoldian and Hunclech coastlines, whereas in the south it consists primarily of sandy beaches and wide mudflats. Due to the dense population, heavy industrialization, and intense use of the sea and area surrounding it, there have been a number of environmental issues affecting the sea's ecosystems. Environmental concerns — commonly including overfishing, industrial and agricultural runoff, dredging, and dumping among others — have led to a number of efforts to prevent degradation of the sea while still making use of its economic potential.

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