Polforian (often said Polforian language, to differentiate it from the inhabitants of Polforia) is an ancient Demonic language, originally spoken by the demons in Dol-Nur and Morod in the Dark Age of Demons in Polforia. It is a descendant of the ancient Proto-Demonic language. Influenced by the dumian language, the unlic language and high elven, and using the elven alphabet as a basis, it tool form in what is recognizable as Polforian in Polforia after the fall of Dume. Later Polforian languages were continuations of dialect forms (low polforian) of the language.

The presence of elements of vernacular speech from the time the earliest authors of the Polforian Dark Legion make it clear that colloquial language, the predecessor to Low Polforian, existed apart from, and side by side with, the literary, throughout the classical period of the first Dark Legion. By the time before the First War of the Power, a standard, literate form had arisen from the speech of the educated, now referred to as High Polforian. Low Polforian, by contrast, was the more rapidly changing colloquial language, which was spoken throughout the Confederation of Free Peoples.

Because of the expansion of the Dark Legion, Polforian spread to most northern, central and eastern Aelian regions, and the dialects spoken in these areas, mixed to various degrees with the indigenous languages, developed into the Low Polforian and later Polforian languages.

While High Polforian was spoken among demons as an official, literal and cultured language, after the First War of the Power, during the Middle Human Age, it will be a more cultured and literal variation of the low Polforian was used as the language of international communication, scholarship and science among the Dark Legion until the advanced Second Coming of Darkness, when it was expurgated by demonic scholars.

Meanwhile, around the 27th century, the Low Polforian dialects will develop in different distinctive Polforian languages.

Polforian languages expansions came to a halt with The Cataclysm, and later will be mixed with human languages, with only pockets of speakers continuing to exist during the modern age.

Low PolforianEdit

Low Polforian is a generic term for the nonstandard sociolects of Polforian which the later Polforian from which the Polforian languages developed. The word low in this case refers to it to be a pejorative usage, as being an inferior kind of Polforian, in relation to the one by demons. It's said that was created by demons to order their servants, or as a macarronic adaptation by the servants of the language of their demons masters. Works written in Polforian during classical Polforian Dark legion used High Polforian later than Low Polforian, with very few exceptions. Because of its nonstandard natura, Low Polforian had no official orthography.

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