0261a learn your place by shabazik-d6qwpb1

Maylara Maltree's 'audition' with Shi'Nill Dahl'Arak, a powerful and skilled 'War Priestess'

Priestess of the Drow cult of Negeé.

Priestess of WarEdit

The Priestess of the drow goddess of War Negeé has several specializations: To enter in their ranks, as well with the Sorceress of Negeé, are chosen from the Initiated of Negeé with more magical affinities: Some will be Altar helpers: others, politicians. Some, will be lawyers and judges, part of the judicial system of the city-state of Negeémiliel. Other will fullfil only religious duties, meanwhile others will be “battle priestess”: Healers, to be sent to the front lines among with the soldier acolytes of Negeé, to treat their wounds, and others, to be feared magical users, powerful and destructive.

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