The Principalty of Pablmünzen was a short lived, unrecognized state set in the lower valley of Snobbord, Stornkold Archipelago, during the Münzen-Anuchian War at the 3290 a.a.H, from, occupied anuchian territory: it existed only during 10 days, from the 18 to the 28 of May, 3290 a.a.H.

During the chaotic situation of Münzen after the sesession of the Amparpica, the division of the once homogeneous Münzen population continued among artificial fragmentations, as the difference between the southern Pablmünzen and the northern Rikmünzen. With a rising in the irredentism of the Pablmünzen, who claimed for the devolution of the Lower Snobbord, which they considered Pablmünzen territory, the situation worsened and became international crisis due the sayings of the Commander-in-Chief of the Münzen army, General Pablo Münzen, brother of the dictator Jorge Münzen and as well president of the political pary PPP.

At the 3 April 3290, in a speech in the Maents Square, Pablo Münzen announced the creation of a Pablmünzen country with unclear borders, but claiming the anuchian Lower Snobbord.

Pablo Münzen, without authorization from the government, launched an invasion of Anuchia at the 17 April 3290, with an important fraction of the Armed forces and paramilitary groups of the PPP.

The Principalty was proclaimed by the Münzen General Pablo Münzen at the 18 May of the 3290, crowning himself as king Pablo I: the claimed borders was the Lower Snobbord and the capital was to be the city of Hellfas. It was recogniced the same day by the Republic of Münzen.

Only ten days later, under the attack of the Anuchian army, the Principalty will surrender and be disbanded.

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