Kanyiko - Stupid Full Moon CONTEST

Punme during Full Moon

Pumne(Billiboncea, 29 january 2424 - ?) was an Ozcura Orc warrior and band leader from the swamps of Billiboncea, fighting in the Second War of the Power.

She is actually a daughter of the werewolf Fergal White Fang, being then half-werewolf and half-sister with Pumori White Fang. However, as according Ozcura customs, she is considered a full ozcura, as any daughter of an ozcura it's an Ozcura. She was mother of the Ozcura Neela, and of Nami, a younger werewolf quadroon daughter fathered by Claw Silver Moon, her half-sister's mate.

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Punme is a character by Kanyiko.

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