Why i can t read this gibberish now by shabazik-d4p502b

Quiebrahuesos Wargh, trying to read an algebra textbook. This happened during her extended stay in Vanilion circa 2399 a.a.H.

Quiebrahuesos Wargh (Brukkuthuz, Antor 2378 a.a.H. - ? ) was a half Antorian Orc, Half Elf warrior, chieftain and Orc Queen of the Antorian Orc Horde.

Also Known as:

  • Quiwen Wallae
  • The Orc Queen

She was raised ignorant of her elven origins, as a full orc.

During a massive, cooperative inter-tribal orc raid in 2398 a.a.H., Quiebrahuesos would participate in the raid and the destruction of the Wild elf village of Al'Jathis. She would capture the Half Elf Eurantian Manwё there, intending to take him as a slave and a gift for her mother. Instead, Quiebrahuesos would fall behind the orc horde due to hauling the unconscious weight of her captive, and upon regaining his senses, Eurantian would later trick her in various ways to regain his freedom and enlist Quiebrahuesos's help in a scheme of his.

Quiebrahuesos would come to portray the identity of "Quirwen Wallae", a supposed dryad green elf, (see Mourlicoun) wife of Eurantian Manwё as a ploy to obtain his inheritance. In this opportunity, she would become educated while living in one of the remaining kingdoms of High elves in Zarhuy, Vanilion.

Years later, she would use what she had learned to unite the various tribes of Antorian Orcs and indeed, other orcs and goblins, as the Orc Queen.

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