SHIK - Regult

Regult ShikArtificial Human produced by Kasparov CIA

The Regult is the name given to the standard artificial humans: They are basically biological humans created via clonation, sharing exactly the same characteristics.

They were the first Artifical Humans created in Aiers.

The Regult share the same characteristics of biological humans, but the main exception is that they were conceived artificially.

However, normally in their production many genetic diseases are eliminated, and reduced the possibility of getting several diseases in their lives: however, as they are to be mostly humans, isn't strange to see Regult artificial humans with glasses, among many other normal biological human "imperfections" that aren't present in Jakos or Dreselandeses for example.

There are several ways of producing Regults, but a popular way, to ensure that the clones aren't identical and have variation -unlike other clon classes- is the "Brothers and sisters process":

The eggs of a female donor are cloned, and then are fertilizated by the esparmotozoides of a male donor, and are matured in AMCC chambers:
In this way, they can produce batchs of about 10.000 individuals who aren't genetically identical neither to their "fathers" or "siblings", but do have the genetical similarities that exist between biological sisters and brothers.

These are the less resisted clones to the biological human population, and after the "Artificial human" uprisings, they share almost the same status.

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