Saatan (sometimes called as well as Sataan or Don Sata) was a Bazrrod Demon Lord, General of the Dark Legion, statesman, First of the Seven Demon Princes that leaded of the Confederation of Free Peoples, being the Primus inter pares. He was as well an author of high demonic prose.

He played a critical role leading the early Dark Legion, that caused the collapse of the Northern Dumian Empire and the Vakkusta Empire. After the First War of the Power he was exiled along with other of the demonic princes to the Mount Satanmet on the island of Demonatch, until his liberation by the Witch King of Dol-Nur: however, while he reassumed later his role as the main prince of Demons, he became more reclusive, and left more in the hands of his lieutenants, as Satman the Apprentice and later, Satman's replacement: Anutkahook.

He will later disappear with The Cataclysm.

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