Saerchanar, known as Saerchanar the Fake, was a pretender to throne of the Empire of Whide Axis as Emperor of the Elves (2223 - 2227 a.a.H). He didn't claimed the Throne for himself out of personal ambition, but to continue the First War of the Power and keep a high elven representation in the peace treaties that followed the war, trying to keep the gains and promises made at the Lost Emperor Altarin.

Saerchanar was a Silver High Elf noble from central Ushaenor. Supporter of the White Party and Emperor Altarin, he will come to be one of the most important generals of the Empire of Whide Axis.

His luck will change during the First War of the Power, when in the Battle of Polforia, at the 2220 a.a.H, in a pitched battle against the Black dragons of Brûm the Emperor of the Elves disappeared. The elves looked long for him between the charred remains of the battle either for a confirmation of his dead, and later in the stormed forts of the Dark Legion, trying to learn if Altarin had been taken prisoner. Unknown of his fate, Saerchanar was chosen by the other generals as commander of the elven forces for the remainder of the war.

At the end of the First War of the Power, being clear the disappearance of Altarin without trace of him, some members of the White Party tried to elect a new emperor, but this was rejected by the Purple Imperial Electors, who said that being a lifelong charge the elective imperial authority, unless was demonstrated the death of Altarin, he continued to be the Emperor of the Elves.

In the west, the leaders of the Whide Axis Expeditionary Army, mostly interested in keeping alive the imperial dreams of Altarin of rebuilding the beyond-the-sea High Elven empire, fearing the humans wouldn't keep their word in the following peace without Altarin, will elect an interimn emperor -Saerchanar the Fake- to sit in the post-war conventions in Aels.

Claimed by the army and the generals, but without recognition from the Electors and without ambition for the Imperial dignity, Saerchanar tried to keep the promises of the humans that they made regarding the incorporation of ValknyriaNovanliohn, the grey elven duchies of Dol'Sorne, the lands of the Mourlicoun and Flairie to the Whide Axis, but the humans, having learned of the unstable position of Saerchanar and the lack of support he had from the Whide Axis, retracted from many of the promises made to Altarin, as only was obtained an influence sphere in Valknyria and was recognized the Empire of Whide Axis some rights to protect the grey elven population in human lands: Only was maintained the promise to keep open for colonization Polforia for a joint High elven-human project, and the High elves could try to extend their reach in other territories that weren't controlled by humans -as in the forest of Nubla, where the high elves build -in cooperation with sylvan and grey elves- the city of Lorthen in the Hidden Kingdom of the Forests of Lorthen.

The political capital of Saerchanar the Fake and of the White Party was spent in these treaties, and much to the dismay of the former expeditionaries and the Whites, they will see how the crumbs they achieved after the costs of the First War of the Power were abandoned by the isolationist and disinterested Purple Imperial Electors: only few Purple will continue to support the re-colonization projects in Aels.

After returning to Ushaenor and being ignored and humiliated in the empty imperial halls of the Whide Axis, Saerchanar renounced to the throne bitterly, and the White Party, under the pretension of the continuation of the rule of Altarin, left the Throne empty.