Sargos - The Breach

Sargonic soldiers storming an orc stronghold.

The Sargonic Wars was a series of conflicts waged from 2407 to 2419 by the Kingdom of Sargos in Northwestern Aels for the hegemony of the region, having fought alternatively other human kingdoms, kanov and orc nations and goblin tribes.


King Don Camilo II the Magnificent reigned the Kingdom of Sargos during the Middle Human age, between the 2.398-2.428 a.a.H.

When he began his reign at the 2.398, he had inherited from his grandfather, Martin the Conqueror, one of the largest and more powerful armies of the northwestern christianity and a rising power of the real authority and a nation that was in economic expansion.

During his reign, one of the first victories was his marriage with Princess Phillipe of Degoland, making a deal with her grandfather, King Diego V, that once he die, Don Camilo will become king of Degoland, due the lack of a male heir to the degolian throne.

He became then the first king of the Unified Kingdom of Sargos-Degoland at the 2.399 a.a.H. Then, he proceeded to expand his influence and dominions, adding the archbishopric of Karentia and the kingdom of La Cruz to the west, and consolidating his control over Trebol and influence over the Kingdom of Huncle. As he supported the arts, science, culture and religion, began new efforts to settle in new areas and expand the areas of human influence: In the archipielago of Novaliohn, and closer, expanding the settlements to all the western bank of the Sargos river, and as well influencing Erenian, Botania, Tardos and other territories, such as the Olga's Wall, into the damned lands of Polforia.

However, his policies where toward the creation and conformation of a human, christian kingdom, and so, the situation of the non-humans within the borders of Sargos worsened, as of the Montangard Kanovs -who reveled several times-, grey elves and others.

Meanwhile, using a retoric of a cruzade against the monsters, the armies of Sargos led a systematic cleansing of orcs, ogres, goblins and other creatures considered "enemies of mankind" of the annexed territories, being common the news of massacres, killings and persecutions of non-humans.

It was precisely the expansionist policy of Sargos toward their human neighbors -wanting to unify under Sargonic banner the christian-human northwest- and the excesses against the non-humans, than triggered the Sargonic Wars (2407-2420 a.a.H), war fought against a cohalition of christian-human kingdoms -Huncle, Tardos, Akresh, and later, la Cruz, Enkelt- and the Montangards, Yermenios and gorbegeos kanovs, fight along with wars against orcs, goblins, demons and elves.-

Beginning of the WarsEdit

Sargonic PhaseEdit

Gorbegean-Sargonic WarEdit

The Ur Dur tribesEdit

The last allianceEdit

Sargonic defeat: Ne'SargosEdit

With their capitol sacked and their cities destroyed, Don Camilo II the Magnificent escaped to Ushaenor, to the colony of Ne'Sargos, which was proclaimed at the 2420 as the Kingdom of Ne'Sargos.

Don Camilo II will die in Ne'Sargos at the 2421 a.a.H


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