The Second Battle of the Bultr Bridge was a battle fought between the five Hannian Duchies against an invading force of Gorbegeos Kanov, fought at the 2.350 a.a.H.

The Hannian duchies, led by the Duke of Hanovian, formed an alliance to repel a large Gorbegeos Kanov army, which they were able to defeat in the Bultr Bridge over the Barlans River.

While it wasn't a major battle in terms of the engaged forces, it was very important to the region:

As a result of this battle, two kingdoms will be founded: the Hannian duchies alliance will strengthened, and thanks to this military success, they will proclaim as their king the duke of Hanovian as Christopher I of Hannian at the 2.353 a.a.H.

Meanwhile, the defeated Gorbegeos, having failed in their further expansions to the south in Hannian and in the north against Tardos and Botania, will finally settle down and form a kingdom -the Kingdom of Gorbegea.

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