Siggo mercenary by shabazik-d5k9t3m

Siggo Mercenary of the Brotherhood of Seuconia

S I G G O, Lacerta Draakii

Race: Siggo

Class: Siggo

Species: Draaki

Other names: Faceless ones, lizard men

Allegiance: unaligned, served both the Empire of Whide Axis and the Dark Legion of Demons

The Siggos are related to the Draak Harg, Siggos are Draaki of the Siggo family, known as well as lizard men.

Five Draaki FamiliesEdit

Among the Draaki -Dragons Folk-, there are five main families: Draaks (Dragons), Draak Harg (Dragon-men), Siggos (lizard-men), Aminiotas (amphibious-men) and dragonids.

General DescriptionEdit

The Siggo lizard folk are a reptilian people. They are strong and quick, with thick green scaly skin, they lack the tails of other siggos and draak harg. They have remarkably flat faces for the draaki, and to casual inspection it would appear that they have no mouths when their mouths are closed.

Role in the Demonic Dark LegionEdit

During the First war of the Power, the siggos were first of all, neutrals, but they participated in the war, like their Draak Harg cousins, as mercenaries in both sides, the Dark Legion of Demons and the Empire of Whide Axis.

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