Silvan elf blade dancer by shabazik-d5o4dgf

A Sylvan elf blade dancer, from the lands of Nkel, Aels

S Y L V A N E L F Silvanus elvii

Race: Sylvan elf

Class: Light Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Sylvan elf, forest elf, sylvan elves, eastern elf

Allegiance: Empire of Whide Axis

Sylvan elf DescriptionEdit

The Sylvan Elves are a race of Rossnes light elves who lived in eastern Aels and Hieyoks. Sylvan elves are Rossnes elves who tend to be light skinned and have hair that ranges from blonde to browns and greens. They are a little shorter and smaller than High elves.

Sylvan elf HistoryEdit

The Rossnes were the prehistoric group of the pink elves, who due to migrations and settling in different areas, divided into three main groups: The High elves, who migrated from the original elven lands in Polforia, across Hieyoks to settle in Ushaenor.

The Mountain elves or Hebonnor, who settled in western Aels -until during the High Elf expansion and posterior age of invasions, were pushed to the mountain ranges of Aels, from where they received the name of mountain elves.

The third group would be the Sylvan elves, who remained in Polforia, and only slowly, due to the migration of Wollumis and Neroz dark elves, settled along the eastern lands of Aels, and as well, in the Tok sea shores of Hieyoks.

During the Early Elfic Age, they were subjugated to the first elf civilization, of the Drow, until rebellions and wars from the Sylvan and many other elves and other species, the drow empire collapsed, and the remnants of the Drow nation escaped to the Underworld of Kazrrad.

After that, using as a base the knowledge of the collapsed drow empire, the Sylvan elves began their own urban civilization and a series of independent kingdoms, in the eastern shores of Aels, a "golden time". One that lasted thousands of years in eastern Aels, subject to occasional wars with the blue skinned Flairie people, Beast People or each other.

The greatest threats to Sylvan elves would not come from Beast people or the Flairie civilizations indigenous to Aels, but from fellow Rossnes elves in the form of the arrival of colonists from the western continent of Ushaenor. The return of the High elves to Aels had begun as their Empire of Whide Axis was now in an expansionist phase.

Normally, the High elves looked over the shoulders of the other rossnes elves they found in their imperialist and expansionist age, as in the doctrine of the high elf emperor Ja'nael III, they were like kids, that needed to be tutored by the High elves into civilization.

However, the sylvan elves, even before the arrival of high elves, had founded and raised their own empires, who reached much material and cultural development, as the empires of Malvor and Monthaffen -the "plains" and "marsh" elves respectively-.

And so, when the High elves arrived, they weren't just some barbarians, but highly refined cultures, but who couldn't match the military power of the High elves of the Empire of Whide Axis, who conquered them, or pushed them to the borders of their former empires, into forests, jungles and highlands.

The High elves, however, didn't get to enjoy a lasting victory: as they were weakened from fighting the sylvan elves, the Kanov and humans came, migrating from the south, putting an end to the Elf age of Hegemony during the Age of Invasions.

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