The Silver Moon is a werewolf clan, originally from Mondwargh,Polforia.


Kanovhook WarsEdit

The Silver Moon during the first war of the PowerEdit

The Silver Moon in the warn-thorn interbellum PolforiaEdit

Second War of the Power, White Fang-Silver Moon relationsEdit

With the reunification of the Dark Legion of Demons, the werewolf clans of Mondwargh sided with the Dark Legion, raising ten legions, conformed of werewolves and their servants.

The forces of the Silver Moon conformed part of the 4th Banner of the Dark Legion IX Blooded Paw.

They marched against Sargos, leaving their fortress of The Cauldron at 24439 a.a.H, joining their forces the main forces across their march crossing the Dargoina Mountains in the pass of Erenian.

During the following campaign, the Silver Moon forces were send out to act as flying columns, raiding, skirmishing and attacking enemy supply lines, advancing as a vanguard to the main forces in Hanat, Degauld and in the Kingdom of Tardos, within the context of the Campaign of Sargos of the Second War of the Power.

Battle of the Forest of the Blooded MoonEdit

The Battle of the Forest of the Blooded Moon will be a minor battle in the campaign of Sargos, fought in the territory of Hanat, between the forces of the 4th Banner of the IX Dark Legion -the Silver Moon forces- and Knights of Sargos of the Order of the River Guard.

The River Guard knights, supported by grey elven forces -and alchemists-, made intelligent use of the terrain -a forest-, where normally werewolves would had the advantage: but they used elven rangers, magic and alchemy to hide their scent, virtually making the werewolves blind of their movements.

They used then a force of knights as bait to lure the 4th Banner in engagement, but as the Werewolf forces reached them, the River Guard struck.

The Silver Moon forces will be routed, and defeat was almost complete: however, thanks to the presence nearby of werewolves of the White Fang clan -2nd Mondwargh Legion, the Dark Legion VIII Iron Paw- and ozcuras forces of the 2nd Billiboncean Legion -the Dark Legion LXXI Billiboncea; Claw Silver Moon, commander of the 4th Banner, along with other forces were able to survive the defeat.

The Silver Moon was surprised, and almost completely routed.

Continuation campaignEdit

After the crippling defeat of the Forest of the Blooded Moon,  the survivors of the Silver Moon clan warriors joined forces with the White Fang clan forces, continuing their campaign in Hanat, Degauld and Erenian against the sargonic River Guard.

It became a priority objective for the merged warbands of the White Fang and Silver moon to eliminate the grey elven alchemists of Sargos, that had developed the scent cloaking ointments.

After they had destroyed the ointment, the formula and the alchemists, they continued their campaign in service of the Demon lords, advancing to the north, to the region of Degauld.

After the defeat of the Dark Legion in the Battle of the Plains of Sargos, in which the routiers hadn't taken part, they where then to cover retreat of the surviving forces of the catastrophe, retreating across Degauld, Hanat and Erenian.

After an extenuating retreat, the packs retreated with the other surviving demonic allies and armies, crossing the Dargoina Mountains and entered the highlands that were Claw's homeland. Only one in five of the Silver Moon weres that had left returned home.

White Fang - Silver Moon UnionEdit

Claw's father Grim approved of the union between his son and the brave and famous alpha of the dreaded White Fang. Nonetheless, he was hesitant to allow his son to formalize the bond with Pumori, as it would mean that he would leave at least for some time the territory of the Silver Moon Clan. With so many werewolves gone, he needed every were at his disposal and in particular his brave and generally respected son. Already, there was talk among orcs and ogres to break the old ties with the Silver Moon Clan and no longer recognize their authority or pay tribute.

Pumori soon understood the problem and negotiations began. It wasn't long before an agreement was reached and a permanent alliance was forged. A significant number of White Fang werewolves would remain in the Silver Moon territory and help garrison their mountain fortress, better known as the Cauldron, to make sure orcs and ogres didn't get any ideas. It would keep the Clan safe until enough cubs had grown old enough to take over. In exchange Grim recognized Pumori as first alpha of both packs and agreed with his son becoming her mate. The result was that both packs, although remaining separate in name, became quite mixed and as long as Pumori and Claw lived and long after that, would be ruled as one. Especially after Grim laid down his position and Claw became alpha of the Silver Moon Clan.


While the caln of the Silver Moon was compossed only of werewolves, there lived within their territory Galaw and Polforian orcs, aside of ogres and goblins, that payed tribute to the Silver Moon.


The Silver Moon clan revere their ancestors, having an animistic religion, where some of their ancestors have reached the range of deities -or otherwise, some gods have been claimed to be their ancestors-, being polyteists and worshipping as primary deity Fenrir.

Cave of the Ancestors aka Cave of the GodsEdit

The Cave of the Ancestors is the most sacred place for the Silver Moon pack and the center of their culture. The largest concentration of Silver Moon werewolves can be found in a radius of about ten miles around it. It's the closest the clan comes to an actual village, although the huts and dwellings are still quite far apart.

The cave itself consists of a system of interconnecting chambers. The first being a kind of meeting room for the clan leaders. Next to that is the very large and deep Cave of the Ancestors where the dead are buried in niches in the walls.

Lastly, there is the Cave of the Gods. Contrary to all the other chambers, this one cannot freely be accessed by the werewolves. The Shamans live and reign in this place. Alphas have access as well, although it is assumed they don't enter if no shaman is present and they always announce their arrival. Normal weres can only enter on religious feasts and on special occasions, like name giving ceremonies,  and the Rite of First Howling. In this cave the gods and in particular Fenrir are honored and sacrifices are made.

The Cave system has a heavy oak door and can be closed off completely. However there also is a secret entrance, which location is known to the alpha of the clan (and always passed on to the next alpha), which allows them to gain direct entrance to the Cave of the Gods. A way for the alphas to keep an eye on the shamans ...


Fenrir is the main deity of the Silver Moon Clan. He is a wolf god who, like his werewolf followers, can take the shape of a man, a werewolf and an actual wolf.

According to the stories, as a wolf, he is huge. The size of a horse or even bigger. The shamans believe this is actually his true, natural form. Meanwhile stories record that, as man and werewolf, he is merely big, almost 7 feet tall.

Fenrir is a warrior god who values strength and toughness: to appease him, enemies should be defeated and made to serve the werewolves, as that's the natural order of things. The strong rule the weak. However, he also has a bit of a mischievous streak in his character and likes to tease both his followers and his enemies, sometimes in a benign way, sometimes a bit more edgy. As such, he has a good sense of humor and can take the occasional joke. He has little interest in weaklings, but finds it amusing if they try to be tough. He's not very vengeful and seldom holds a grudge.

He's not a complicated god. Although he enjoys a nice ceremony or a sacrifice, he has no need for overly complicated rituals. Which is logical, as he is more inclined to be god on the side of chaos than on the side of order. Too many societal or religious institutions make him wary.


After conquering their territory, the Silver Moon werewolves used the workforce of orcs and Kanovs to build for them some structures for them.

Their main settlement was a wide spread village, with dispersed huts and houses, somewaht around a central holy cave, that had religious ceremonial significance for the Silver Moon.

Notable Silver MoonEdit

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