Skamal ogre warrior by shabazik-d5wp2qj

A Skåmal ogre warrior in Northern Hieyoks, with a seal-hunting spear

S K A M A L, Colossus Borealis Troglodytarum

Race: Skåmal

Class: Ogre

Species: Goblinoid

Other names: Skåmal, Skår, Skråerlinn, Bigfoot, sasquatch, sásq’ets, Mogollon, Hibagon, Tsul 'Kalu, Yeren, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, Yowie

Allegiance: Unaligned. Dark Legion of Demons

The Skåmal are a type of Ogre of the Goblinoid family, originally from the far north of Hieyoks.

General DescriptionEdit

Skåmal is the name given to an ape-like ogre creature that inhabits in forests and mountain areas, across Hieyoks, Zean and Ushaenor, and they are usually described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. They stand nearly to over three meters tall, covered in hair, with strongly ape-like features, save for a clearly bipedal gait.

The Skåmal from Ushaenor and Zean, as well southern Hieyoks, are solitary creatures, that live isolated and are rather shy, hiding from the eyes of others, and in difference to most of the other representatives of the ogre family, they aren't people-eaters, and while they prefer a meat based diet, they are as well omnivorous. Scattered, the Skåmal population of these continents its small, and the sighting of them, infrequent.


In northern Hieyoks meanwhile, near and in the polar circle, the Skåmal are social creatures, supposedly from their time under the Hieyoks Ice Giants rule, having as well a more developed material culture, producing elaborated tools out of bone, leather, stone and wood and in some cases, in contact with other species, even working metals.

The Skåmal of northern Hieyoks also aren't as shy or as apprehensive as the other Skåmal, and were dedicated to the hunting of whales and seals, in addition to their fishing being important for their support.

As well, the arctic Skåmal produce and use clothes in winter, but in summer they normally don't use them, having enough insulation with their natural fur coat.

Interrelations With Other PeoplesEdit

From their relations with other species, often much more friendly than other ogres with non-ogre peoples -for the lack of the people-eating habit-, and being that the northern Skåmal are less shy than the other ones, it is supposed that the Yakkek, were born. The Yakkek being hybrids of Skåmal and other species, such as Kanovs, Humans, Orcs, some Beast People and Elfs, and from the Yakkek descended the Yak Yak

They weren't a numerous people, and in general are rather peaceful, and their participation in the War of the Powers was minor, when the demons converted them to the demonic religion, recruiting among them some volunteer warriors that fought in the campaigns in the Sea of Hieyokscream.

Most of the Arctic Skåmal conflicts were against the ice giants, Yak Yak and other Skåmal. However, this doesn't mean there were no conflicts with humans, kanov, elves, dwarves and orcs among others, and neither was it unknown to hear about Skåmal mercenaries in some northern hieyoks kingdoms.

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