Spider's Crossing -Orbb's Renpharin in Erehel- was a small Drow underground town in the underworld of Kazrrad, north and in a lower level than Negeémiliel, being a subject to the city and its government.

The settlement was on an underground river and provided the only bridge across the middle levels of Kazrrad in the region and the town provided Negeémiliel with a source of cave fish and mussels to eat, as well as being a choke point that was easy to fortify against other underground invaders from the north. Another of its major exports was raw spider silk.

A spontaneous foundation of Erehel Drow traders in a strategic location to rest, Orbb's Renpharin grew in both sides of the river and aside of its main bridge, its inhabitants built many hanging bridges for personal use in both sides of the river hanging from the cliffs -along with spider ranches-, are the reasons why it will receive the name.

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