Stiel Mts colored by shabazik

The Stiel Mountains, the western rim of Lake Zher and home of the Stiel Duergar

The Stiel Mountains was a mountain range in southern Zarhuy, west of the great Lake Zher.


Stiel DuergarEdit

There lived the southernmost Duergar people known as the Stiel Duergar who lived scattered in various fortresses and mines in the region, or even living near the lake, making use of the fresh water for highland crops, herding and fishing. Unlike many Dwarfs, the Stiel Duergar are more apt to take on multiple occupations to exploit available resources, fishing being one.

Other PeopleEdit

Other peoples also lived in the mountains, certain tribes of Humans and Kanovs. Green Orcs and some Beast People might have been there as well.

Geological DescriptionEdit

Sometimes called the "Stiel Hills", in part because of being smaller mountains and a smaller range than many others, the Stiel Mountains nonetheless had a fair elevation as the ground at the base of the mountain range are highland plains. Lake Zher to the east being a very deep lake in part because its surface is at a high elevation, It drains by the Shaa River that flows through a great canyon carved between mountain ranges at the northeast corner of the Stiel Mountains.

While not the most impressive mountains on the planet, the mountainous environment of Stiel can be arduous to live and travel within in its own right.

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