Background for the RaidEdit

For almost 100 years, after the First War of the Power the demon lord Anutkahook, master of Anutkia, kept a low profile, fearing that the venerable Empire of Whide Axis or the human kingdoms would take notice of the distant demonic kingdom, and would go after him and his realm, as they did during the War of the Power against the main demon princes and other demon lords. However the Whide Axis and the human kingdoms of the West didn't seem to have any interest in overthrowing the demonic realms of the Sea of Tok.

And so, since nothing happened, Anukahook worked to make his demon realm stronger and more advanced, than it had been before. He also had a long period of regaining his standing as a near omnipotent god-king in the eyes of his worshippers which had suffered somewhat with the defeat in the First War of the Power, and also in the century of the Nutk nation being defensively oriented. Anutkahook began to execute his ambitious plans of expansion to build a new demon empire. HIS demon empire, one which would be much more than just serving as a general of a horde of horse-lords and fearsome, but simple, warriors.

But for this, he needed more servants, armies and resources than the ones of the Grasslands and of the barbaric Nutks, so he gathered the forces of all the clans and his legions, launching a great campaign to the south, to acquire slaves, loot and knowledge.

Timeline of the RaidEdit

This raid was sent at the 2.422 a.a.H, when the Great Demon Anutkahook send his armies in a great raid against the eastern coasts of Aels, taking as a loot everything that wasn't nailed to the ground, destroying everything else and herding countless cattle and slaves.

As they advanced, they recruited as well all sort of mercenaries, who joined the horde of Anutkahook, with the promises of gold and loot.

They sacked Enkel at the 2.423 a.a.H, and keep advancing to the south to the Principalty of Rudloffur, from the trading City of Zannas (2.424), sacking the near lands: however, the powerful walls and armies serving the Vanolosé merchant lords, along with a payment in gold for them to stop their sacking and destruction.

The power of the Vanolosé merchant lords, their walls and armies -and their gold- made the Nutk Horde to desist in the Siege of Zannas, deciding Anutkahook to return to the north, to their own lands.

But as Enkel was already sacked and destroyed, so there wouldn't be much to loot and forage to the large horde, they crossed the mountains of Nohalion and raided the kingdom of Purpurian -until His Most Christian Majesty, King Ludovic the Fearless / the Mad of Purpurian gathered his armies, chasing away the Nutks from his lands-

The Nutks advanced then to the north, sacking Provenz at the 2426, and after that they returned to Anutkia at the 2.427, after five years of campaign, brining along countless slaves and loot for Anutkahook to set the first stone of his demonic empire.


90.000 warriors left for the raid, and only 60.000 returned, but with countless riches, over 740.000 slaves and much knowledge the Nutks ignored before.

With this mass of slaves, Anutkahook partitioned these slaves between his warlords to keep them happy and close to his cause, keeping a great part for himself -mostly the artisans, alchemists, officers, magicians, architects, engineers, mathematicians, philosophers...- with them, he built his dark fortress of Anutkian, near his old capitol and the ocean.


The raid demonstrated the weakness of the old, great power of the Uslen Empire to the south, and how fragile many kingdoms to the east were. This might have been an incitement to the Witch King of Dol Nur to set in motion a plan to free the captive Demon Lords?

For Anutkahook, with his captive slaves of expertise, he would soon construct a great new capital city in the form of Anutkian that would serve him well in the future as an unassailable fortress and center for commerce and means of production. A merchant fleet and pirate fleet would soon come to be, with the simple Nutk horsemen warriors becoming sailors and pirates as well. Anutkahook would gain a personal ambition beyond the Dark Legion, and had gained the means and skills to act on those ambitions.

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