The ruins of zannas by shabazik-d4embiz

The great coastal trading city of Zannas, destroyed by earthquake and invasion

The arrival of the Gorbegeos, a nation of Kanovs from Western Aels, in principle shouldn't have changed much the situation of the Principalty of Rudlofurr and the trading city of Zannas: The Nutks had come before, and the walls did stop the invaders: and while the farmlands were ravaged and sacked, the fortifications proved too strong to the barbarians.

But the Earthquake of 2428 a.a.H. destroyed much of the defenses and powerful walls of the cities, and when the Gorbegeos arrived, they easily broke through the cracked defenses, looting and destroying Zannas, capitol of the of the Principalty of Rudlofurr.

This left the rest of the Principalty in chaos and disarray, with many generals and officers of the principalty clashing to gather for themselves pieces of the shattered nation, when the Empire of Uslen bringed the finishing blow to Rudlofurr, as they invaded.

The gorbegeos migrationEdit

The Gorbegeos migrated from Gorbegea, about 300.000 of them: not only warriors, but families as well:

They sacked and burned the human kingdom of Hanovian, and marched to the south, across Iperto to Uslen:

There they destroyed several cities, raiding and looting them, until the Basileus of the Unlic payed in gold to the kanovs of Gorbegea so they stop sacking their lands: and so, the Gorbegeos marched, leaving the Unnlic Empire, and they crossed in the far south -instead of the mountains- to the territories of Zannas:

The battle was fierce, but outnumbered and with the walls breached by the earthquake, Zannas fell, being sacked and destroyed by the Gorbegeos.

After Zannas, the Gorbegeos marched to the north: Seize, of the Nigromancer, resisted behind his walls and armies of black orcs... but the Gorbegeos continued.

Enkel was destroyed, and to the north, the pass was closed by the forests of Nubla and Bierteno, so only then they crossed the mountains: loaded with loot, they were going home:

But for that, the human kingdom of Purpurian was in the way, and the hosts of the very Christian highness of Purpurian, Ludovic the Fearless (or the mad) will destroy all the Gorbegeos in battle:

Slowed down with their loot of Zannas, Enkel and the Unlic gold, few survivors of the gorbegean defeat escaped: most fell in battle, and many were captured by the Purpurians:

King Ludovic the Fearless seized for himself all the riches of the defeated kanov: then, he converted by force the Gorbegeos prisoners to Christianity -before blinding the males with hot iron, and taking one eye from women and children, before throwing them out of his kingdom, to wander blinded, maimed and poor back to Gorbegea.
He liberated the slaves (after converting them to Christianity), but they became serfs whom he settled under the shadow of the Unholy mountain of Hortann, to watch his borders.
And with the gold of the basileus, the treasure of Zannas and Enkel, he built castles, highways, palaces, armed his hosts and launched another holy war to convert their pagan neighbors.

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