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To the Power of Two. A lethal embrace of dominance and surrender.

To the Power of Two is a story set in the Nebulosa of Ots, made by Toni Babelony .


Two different characters, never ment to meet eachother. Random encounter brought them together and their difference keeps them together. Both fighting for a cause, they need eachother's help. How will their story unfold?

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The rest of the Story was made available from purchase as Digital Comics.


The story is mainly set on the moon Lóngyuè in the 135th star system of the Nebulosa of Ots , Shèngli Xing / Skellettea Star System. A dirty and dark place in a Blade Runner like setting where the laws of the Norodor Empire don't apply, although it's under their power influence. Cloning business runs amok and clones as well.


Incomplete character descriptions. Will be updated as story progresses.

Main CharactersEdit


Jilly Mansell

Jilly MansellEdit

  • Age: Claims to be 23 years;

A rather simple and cynical girl with an unhealthy hatred against the Jako category of Shiks, or, perhaps all Artificial humans. Jilly is an energetic and very dominating individual. Her leadership skills are however of terrible capacity and quickly surrenders to authority. A particular individual that has a lot of influence on Jilly her actions is Nuage, a higher ranking commander in her unit.

It seems Jilly compensates her lack of leading skills by dominating and bullying other individuals in a very humiliating manner, not only with words, but also corporal ‘punishment’. Jilly however describes it as ‘keeping things under control’.

Revealed is that Jilly is also a clone herself, but it is rather unclear where she derives from. Rumor has it that she’s a malfunctioning 2nd class Corporate Guard from the Chemsok company (a small and ‘illegal ’ cloning firm from Lóngyuè), as she is seen returning to Lóngyuè in the first encounter. This makes us believe Jilly is presumed to be returning to her place of birth. 

The reasons for her return are unclear, but it is presumed it has something to do with her participation in the liberation movement Nuage is also involved in.

Jilly’s personal history is somewhat unclear, but she likes to boast about the large number of clones she killed in fights. Maybe this is true, maybe not, but it sure induces fear in everyone facing Jilly as an adversary. Regarding her being granted almost unlimited resources immediatly upon her arrival on Lóngyuè , she seems like a very well respected individual within her liberation movement. This suggest her boasting about killing many clones in the past being legit.


Karen Destinée

Karen Destinée (a.k.a. K4-R3N)Edit

  • Age: Unknown;
  • Birthplace: Unknown;

A timide and mysterious Shik artificial human, owned and created by the Norodor Empire. Her purpose was being the second navigator assistant aboard one of the biggest heavy battleships of the Norodor Empire , the Yǒnghéng yāo. Karen usually  goes under her codename K4-R3N, which induces a sense of responsibility over her, although none is expected from her.

From nature (read: engineered), Karen is happy and curious about her surroundings. This makes her question a lot and learn extremely fast. However, whenever a dominating or authoritarian figure creeps up on her, she is prone to submit to them and carry out tasks without questioning her actions and/or what consequences it might have for herself.

The shorter size of Karen, other than her regular Jako Shik counterparts, suggests that she has been engineered for a special purpose or is a prototype. This has aroused massive interest, or maybe obsession, on Jilly’s behalf for being a unique model, with special traits. The sight of a unique Shik model on Lóngyuè , especially being chased, resulted immediate capture by Jilly -her being impulsive.

Minor charactersEdit



Nuage (a.k.a. NU-4)Edit

Age: Unknown;

  • Birthplace: Unknown;

Extremely authoritarian figure of a liberation movement.

Commander of the unit where Jilly is also part of and direct commander of Jilly. Her origins are not known, but it’s highly suggested she’s a Dreselandsea Shik or a 1st class Corporate Guard from the Chemsok company. Confirmed in a confrontation with Corporate Guards, Nuage is recognised as a former commander under her code name NU-4, officially making her a 1st class Corparate Guard of origine. This might explain her dominance and control over the savage and seemingly out of control Jilly.

Despite Nuage being authoritarian and seems to hand out severe punishment to people who disobey her commands, she also acts like a mother figure. She knows what value her subjects have and treat them accordingly.


Temp: Inspired by Shabazik and the entries about his fantasy worlds, I decided to finally write and illustrate the story of my two characters Jilly and Karen on how they got together. In this series, the backgrounds of the two characters will be elaborated, a few new characters introduced, and some feels to be had.

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