A Trelkas is one of the smaller types of giants, with some elven ancestors which gives them the characteristic that they can manipulate magic.

Giant trelka ice witch by shabazik-d7bl77w

A Trelka Ice Witch, along with one of her Orc Hieyoksmainer servants

T R E L K A, Gigas Glacies Elvii

Race: Trelka

Class: Yakkek / Giant / Elf

Species: Sometimes classified as a kind of giant, elf, or hybrid.

Other names: Giant Elf, Yakkek Elf, Mage Giants, Ice Wizards

Allegiance: Hieyoks Kingdoms. Dark Legion of Demons

The Trelka are Yakkek of the elven family, orginary from the far north of Hieyoks.


They are an enigmatic race of giants with light slate colored skin and their hair is typically metallic silver or white, very adept to the use of magic. They are smaller and much lighter than other giants, but much larger than nearly any other humanoid race.

Aristocratic and Arrogant, the Trelka use creations or servants as goblins and orcs for the tasks they seem to mundane or trivial for the Trelka to be bothered with. Their pride and general arrogance are a detriment to any meaningful social or diplomatic exchange with races or individuals that don't somehow earn their -usually grudging- respect.

Origin LoreEdit

While the origin of the Yakkek isn't completely clear -some propose a hybridization process of the Skamals, from the ogre goblinoid family, or with Ice Giants with Ice Elves-, the Trelkas are a group considered giants -rather than elves-.

The Trelkas are often seen as related with the Ice Elves, the Hieyoks Ice Giants and the Yak Yak.

Some suggest that during the Age of Giants -the age in which the Hieyoks Ice giants ruled over the continent of Hieyoks-, during the Anqueael Elf-Hieyokers Wars, between the Ice Elves and the Ice Giants, the Hieyoks giants noticed how magic served their enemies, and among their slaves they had no one who could harness such power: Because of this, the legends tell that Bangurr, one of the Great Ice Giant Kings of Old created the Trelkas from joining in marriage the smaller of his sons with the taller of the princesses of the Ice Elves that he had captured and left locked in a tower of ice.

The night of their wedding, it's said the tall ice elf princess beheaded her small ice giant husband after the consummation of the marriage: and then, she jumped from the ice tower to her death: but from the blood spilled in the snow, will raise the race of the Trelkas. Or so said the legend.


The Trelkas during the Age of the Giants in Hieyoks will become the Giant Wizards and the Witches of Ice: for their Hieyoks kings, they will become the ones to wield the Maná, and use the magic of the Ice Elves against their own masters.

Smaller than the Hieyoks, the Hieyoks considered the Trelkas as their younger siblings, rather than slaves as all the "maggot races" of servants -that where everybody who wasn't a giant-: but while feared for their magic, they where despised by their "older siblings". The Trelkas themselves, foremen and captains of the Hieyoks, will grow to become proud and arrogant: because while they had to kneel in front of the Ice Giants, they considered themselves to be over their larger cousins.

As the Age of Giants will reach an end (with a Pyrrhic Ice Elven victory), the Trelkas, as the other servants of the Ice Giants, disbanded in the former great domains of the Ice Giants.

Some remained with their defeated masters, while other Trelkas tried to create their own nations, and take for themselves servants as the ones that had served the Ice Giants.

Never a numerous people, when centuries later the Hieyoks Ice Giants made an alliance with the Dark Legion of Demons, the Trelkas -and their own armies and servants- swore as well allegiance to the black banners of the demons.

As each Trelkas thought of himself as a lady or a lord, often rather than making Trelkas villages and settlement, each Trelkas or a family of Trelkas had their own settlement and non-trelkas servants.

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