The Tribal Federation of Murica was a federation of human Ushavericans tribes in northeastern Ushaenor during the Age of Invasions.

After sucessive invasions of Northeastern Ushaenor, lands of the high elves, by the sea-faring human peoples, while succesful defeating the invaders, the elves became weakened, and decided to accept some humans in their eastern shores to serve as vassals against later human invaders.

In such a way, the Sea-Faring peoples become vassals of the Venerable Empire of Whide Axis, and in the same time, they became known as the Ushavericans.

The Ushavericans where a very ethnically diverse people, with countless nations and peoples of all origins and beliefs. These very different tribes tried to form a single government and a nation: the Tribal Federation of Murica.

However, the High Elves feared how the numbers of humankind expanded, and so, they feel themselves threatened by the Muricans Federation of Tribes.

The lands the High Elves had granted the Ushavericans wasn't enough for their peoples, and as the Empire of Whide Axis still was strong, they keeped the humans within the borders they have assigned them, threatening them with the armies of the Empire.

The scarce land began to be soon an issue between the tribes: but the High Elven traders and diplomats who where granted permission to enter in the human-lands, where instructed to plot and divide humans, using one tribe against other:

"Divide and Conquer": the Ushaverican humans, rather than uniting against the Empire, to seek expansion of their lands, fractioned and fought each other: the Tribal federation of Murica collapsed, and a collection of warring tribes remained, fighting over the limited resources. This situation was keept precisely by the High elves, who ensured the division of the Tribes of Murica due religion, ethnicity and resources, hindering the capability of the Ushavericans to develope both in a material-cultural and geo-political level.

While will raise as states among the tribes Momb and Keuta, these where largely organized by the High elves, to have an interlocutor for the vassal humans to the Empire of the Whide Axis:

The situation of stagment and tribal wars in a limited territory, with a stagnated if not dropping population will last at least until the First War of the Power: there, as the Venerable Empire of the Whide Axis prepared his armies to cross the oceans, many Ushaverican warriors where called to serve under the Imperial Banners:

But as the war finished and the Emperor of Whide Axis dissapeared, the northwestern humans and High Elves of the Whide Axis began an alliance and commercial exchanges.

The Tribes of MuricaEdit

Some of the tribes of Murica where:

  • Calornian
  • Oregi
  • Washi
  • Idaihis
  • Nevaos
  • Arizcos
  • Nemexi
  • Coloraos
  • Wyomis
  • Montas
  • Dakkos
  • Nebri
  • Kanass
  • Okoma
  • Ekas
  • Loisi
  • Missus
  • Arkani
  • Misisi
  • Wiscos
  • Illinios
  • Tenesi
  • Kentos
  • Oios
  • Michicas
  • Maime
  • Massachuche
  • Newyos
  • Chiago
  • Penvania
  • Virgi
  • Caroli
  • Gorgos
  • Floros
  • Maris
  • Delawos
  • Newjes
  • Laski
  • Hawii
  • Bricos
  • Eascos
  • Wescos
  • Rhodos.

There where however some northern tribes, that weren't part of the Tribal federation of Murica, such as the: Queweki, Noscos, Newbrus, Ontas, Manobas, Sastachaba, Alberi Yuukos, Nuna

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