Prince Valerian de Roccasone (Roccasone 2407 - Roccasone 2440) was the last crown-prince of Roccasone before its fall to the Dark Legion of Demons during the opening stages of the Second War of the Power.

Valerian was a cunning and brave warrior, a pillar of strength for most of his adult life to his father's regime. Ruthless and without much of a conscience, he was a perfect heir to the throne of the immoral and cruel mountain kingdom.

The pride and joy of his father, Tibal I, he would however turn out to be the doom of the city and his own dynasty. Being Roccasone's most competent military commander, he was often to be found east of the Dargoina Mountains, pillaging and hunting for slaves. On one of these expeditions, he got separated from his troops and disappeared for two entire days. When he returned, he spun a fanciful and adventurous yarn about playing hide-and-seek for two days with barbaric tribesmen. It was later suspected it was at this occasion he made first contact with the demonic emisaries of the Dark Legion of Demons, maybe even the Succubus Laisha herself.

Although he resisted their offers and enticements at first, after several years he finally succumbed. Whether it was the realization that Roccasone would never be able to resist the upcoming attack of the Dark Legion, or the mere promise of eternal life through demonhood, or a combination of both, remains an open question. Fact remains, he sold his soul, his city and even his own family in order to become the immortal ruler of the "new demonic version" of Roccasone.

He betrayed the Roccasone companies who were always raiding Polforia and made their positions known to the Dark Legion so they could easily be vanquished. He lulled his father in a false sense of security by falsifying messages these companies supposedly sent. He even weakened the city from within by assuming the pseudonym of Gilles and contacting the slave rebel leaders. Unable to gain their trust on his own, he made a deal with Laisha, who was all too glad to drop the Dark Legion captain and leader of the first slave revolt a few years earlier, Pumori of the White Fang, in the city, together with a small number of werewolves. She organized the rebels and caused an urban guerilla war, that kept King Tibal's attention firmly locked on the city, instead of the approaching demonic army.

As a final act of betrayal he made it possible for Pumori to ambush and kill his own father and probably also his own oldest son, Alex at the execution square and herded the rest of his family (including his wife and two young daughters) to Roccasone's cathedral, where they would be butchered in an unholy ceremony as sacrfice for his rising as a demon lord. His men meanwhile, had sabotaged the main gate of the city, making the attack of the Dark Legion a certain victory.

However, his betrayal would not bring him the immortal life he sought. Before the ritual was completed, Pumori, observing him from a gallery in the cathedral, killed him with three well-aimed javelins. Thus ended the life of one of the worst traitors in history.

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Valerian is a character by Walt-Marsters.

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