Vanilion Road Aels by Shabazik

The Vanilion Road in Aels as it was in the 25th Century a.a.H.

Vanilion Road Zarhuy by Shabazik

The Vanilion Road in Zarhuy as it was in the 25th Century a.a.H.

The Vanilion Road was a series of physical infrastructures vital to the maintenance and development of the High Elven colonies of Aels and Zarhuy, and were built during the Late Elfic Age, mostly by the rich colonial kingdom of Vanilion, as a show of power and to consolidate trade, through the expansion and consolidation as well of the other overseas realms of the High elves.

Extent of the RoadEdit

The Vanilion Road, that traversed Aels and Zarhuy from north to South, was the key, transverse infrastructure, a long-distance highway built to connect cities, major towns and military bases, but as well there will be many High Elven local roads, that connected to the Vanilion Road.

At the peak of Vanilion's development, all the High Elven kingdoms and colonies of Aels and Zarhuy were connected to the road of Vanilion.


The Vanilion Road provided efficient means for the overland movement of armies, officials, and civilians, and the inland carriage of official communications and trade goods.

Importance to HumansEdit

The importance to trade and later civilizations would be hard to overstate. Human and Kanov invaders might conquer the High elf kingdoms by simply following the road, but their own civilizations might fall and then coalesce again around the seemingly eternal road.

Trade for DwarfsEdit

The road would benefit human traffic and trade between kingdoms, but Dwarfs too, would sometimes leave their mines to become traveling merchants due to the road which might never have otherwise happened without it. The Duergar Dwarfs of Faria made a cornerstone of their civilization in the 'connecting' of trade on the two continental roads via Kazrrad beneath the Sea of Caritz. They would also become quite noted for companies of the Farian Duergar traveling the length of the Vanilion Road in Zarhuy from the southern gates to Kazrrad in northern Zarhuy, all the way to Vanilion itself.

Wealth and Stability for VanilionEdit

Despite the rise and fall of kingdoms, and the eclipse of the High elves' grand colonial civilization, Vanilion itself would enjoy seemingly everlasting wealth as the trade caravans kept up a regular flow of trade, briefly interrupted only by rare occasions of war directly on the road, or the fall of empires.


The Vanilion Road was often stone-paved and metaled, cambered for drainage, and were flanked by footpaths, bridleways and drainage ditches. It was laid along accurately surveyed courses, and some were cut through hills, or conducted over rivers and ravines on bridgework.

The courses (and sometimes the surfaces) of many parts of the Vanilion Road survived for millenia. Some are overlaid by modern roads.

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