Vince White Fang (Roccasone 2426 - ?) was a human scribe and early chronicler and historian of the White Fang Werewolf pack. His writings document the history of the early part of the Second War of the Power, and offer an alternative insight of the conflict as seen from a Demon perspective. Vince's writings also provide a unique written record of life among the Polforian Werewolf tribes during these early years of the conflict, and are some of the sole written records of their leaders of the time, namely Freya and Pumori White Fang.

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known about the early life of Vince White Fang. Among his early writings, there are some scant remarks which mention that he was born as Vincent - last name unknown - to wine merchants in the city of Roccasone. During the Roccasone Slave Revolt of 2437, Vincent lost his father, and soon afterwards his mother died as well. According to his own accounts, an uncle then took over his parents business, and pretty much sold Vincent as a slave to a pig farmer.

Capture by White FangEdit

During the spring of 2440, Vincent was captured by the White Fang during its campaign against Roccasone. It is from this era that the earliest of his surviving stories date, in which he describes his early treatment by the White Fang, but also chronicles a failed attempt at a coup against the pack's leader Pumori of the White Fang by Rocco White Fang, and his eventual acceptance into the pack as the "Werewolf Vince".

Early descriptions of White Fang lifeEdit

Following his acceptance into the White Fang, Vincent appears to have been less prolific a history writer for quite some time. Surviving scriptures of a later date indicate this had to do with conflicting views of the pack's leader Pumori, and her predecessor Freya White Fang on the role of humans in the pack, however it might also have been due to the lack of writing materials for the young scribe. Once Pumori returned from the Sargonic campaign in the autumn of 2440, Vincent started writing again. Much of his early records among the White Fang describe the impact of the Sargonic Campaign on the pack, especially the arrival of a considerable amount of slaves, both Human and Elf, and the resulting tensions among the Werewolf pack about this, especially between Pumori and Freya.

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