The War of the Angards will be the name given to a series of wars and campaigns fought between the human Five Kingdoms against the mountain clans of the Angards mountains, specially the Montangard Kanovs.

The humans aimed to pacify the mountains and fully incorporate them into their realms, and while the diverse human realms will claim hegemony on all or part of the Angards, control of the region was rather weak, with bandits often rulying the mountains and highlands, and often facing open revolts of the Montangards.

Due the resilence of the kanovs of the mountains to be conquered, was attempted instead a policy of christianization of the Montangard clans: while finally the missionaries where succesful converting most of the Montangards, this didn't stopped their resistence toward human rule.

History Edit

Human invasion of Osorio Edit

Weseringian Empire campaigns Edit

Wars of the Angards during the Five Warring Kingdoms period Edit

Sargonic Campaign of the Highlands (1988 - 1994) Edit

The Angards during the First War of the Power Edit

Christianization Process during the Middle Human Age Edit

The Angards during the Second War of the Power Edit

Kanovs joined the advancing dark legion, renouncing to christianity. Later prosecutions of the apostates. The Angards as refugee for deserters of the Dark Legion.

Montangard Rebelion Edit

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