The War of the Clover was a series of military conflicts fought between the Kingdom of Sargos against Huncle and the Sovereign Military Order of Trébol for the rule of the region of Trebol, during the Dark Age of Demons. The first war was fought at the 1998-2004, but the initial conflict will spark further wars.

It received this name as both Sargos and Huncle adopted modified versions of the heraldic clover of the Order of Trebol during the course of the war, as legitimation for their claims.

Sargos emerged victorious, annexing most of Trebol -with southern parts of it being transferred to La Cruz

History Edit

First War of the Clover, 1998 - 2004 Edit

Sargos, in a process of expansion -and in competence with their Degolandic rivals-, had already pacified the Kanov clans of the Mounts Angards, and ambitioned to reach the sea and control the rich southern province of Trebol, from the Kingdom of Huncle, which was defended by the Military Order of Trébol.

Seizing the oportunity of an internal conflict of the Order over the sucession of the Master of the Clover and the delays of payment of the annual stipendium of the Hunclech king Léonidas II of Huncle to the Order -who hadn't paid as measure of pressure, for the Order to choose his illegitimate half-brother Jean d'Trefflé as the next Master of the Clover-, Sargos achieved support from the bishopric of Karentia, and the Sargonic king claimed to be the benefactor of the Order of Trébol, instead of the king of Huncle who hadn't paid the stipendium to the order t keep their castles.

Sargonic armies marched into Trebol with Joachim Raugel, the Karentian-appointed Master of the Clover.

At first, the Sargonic had an important initial success for several border castles of the Order being handed over to Raugel, as they recogniced him as the Master of the Order, feeling as well that the pressure done by king Léonidas was against the best interests of the Order.

However, soon it became evident the ambitons of Sargos to rule these lands -rather than to reinstitute the Order-, so the Order of Trébol will face the Sargonic armies. While succesful at first, the odds were against them and Léonidas, while prepared his armies, didn't intervened until the Order appointed his half brother Jean as new Master of the Clover.

Sargos, supported by Karentia, will then face the Order and Huncle.

La Cruz, nervous about the advances of Sargos, will enter as well in the war in against Sargos -but without forging an alliance with Huncle or the Order.-

Finally, Sargos reached an agreement with La Cruz, dividing Trebol. With the southern flank secured, the Sargonic armies finally defeated king Leonidas III.

While several of the most powerful castles of the Order still stood unconquered, Sargos recogniced as Master of the Clover Jean d'Trefflé in exchange of him recognicing Trebol and the Order as subjects of Sargos.

This war will be the beginning of much bloodshed between La Cruz, Sargos, and Huncle for the control of Trebol and The Order, often being a conflict juggled around by the Archbishop of Karentia.

Second War of the Clover, 2024 - 2046 Edit

The King of Huncle, wanting to recover the control over Trebol, will attack Sargos. Failing to defeat Sargos, Huncle will make an alliance with Tardos and Degoland, to which Sargos made an alliance with La Cruz: the armes of the Five Kingdoms will face each other in the Battle of the Five Kings at the 2030, that resulted in a La Cruz-Sargos victory. After this victory, Sargonic and Cruzeños ravaged the Hunclech lands until Huncle finally sued for peace, giving further concesions to Sargos and La Cruz.

Third War of the Clover, 2061 - 2063 Edit

The rising star of La Cruz, a new Cruzeño archbishop of Karentia, Hunclech desire for vengance and continued disputes over the spoils of the Second War of the Clover between La Cruz and Sargos will lead to the king of La Cruz, the Archbishop of Karentia and Huncle to attack Sargos.

Sargos will be defeated, and most of Trebol came under Cruzeño rule, much to the disdain of their former allies.

Fourth War of the Clover, 2071- 2076 Edit

The Archbishop of Karentia, further allienated by actions of Cruzeños nobles in Trebol, who didn't recogniced the rule of the Archbishop over the Order of Trebol, will finally lead to the excommunication of the King of La Cruz.

Karentia, along with the Knights of Trebol and Huncle will face La Cruz, finally defeating them. The Order of Trebol, restituted and under the archbishop hegemony, was recogniced as a vassal of Huncle and again as part of the Kingdom of Huncle.

Fifth War of the Clover, 2098 - 2114 Edit

After the Fourth War of the Clover, Huncle lived a period of relative peace and economic expansion, with the Hunclech king only facing rebellions of some of the northern marches and minor invasions of the clans of the Wilderness.

The rising power of Huncle was perceived as a menace by Sargos, and after they lost the fluvial access using the Osorio river to the Alan Sea, they where cut off from their possessions in the Alan Isles.

Expecting to gain access to the shores of the Alan Sea, ports and the rich region of Trebol, Sargos began a new war in the centenary of the first war of the Clover, claiming the illegitimity of the Hunclech king as a casus bellum, saying as well they where going to defend the Order of Trebol from abuses of the Hunclech king.

After 16 years of war, Sargos had conquered the region, making the Order of Trebol a sargonic vassal.

Sixth War of the Clover, 2121 - 2124 Edit

La Cruz, having recovered from the Tardic Succession War and the losses in the last wars against the Unlic Empire of Uslen in Dumia and Uslen, wasn't comfortable with Sargos being their northern neighbours, and invaded, hoping to annex Trebol.

While initially succesful in their attacks, the powerful castles of the Order of Trebol stagnated the Cruzeño advance. Sargonic relief forces were defeated and the war largelly resulted only in minor territorial changes, remaining about one third of Trebol in La Cruz hands and two thirds in the Sargonic realm: many of the southern castles weren't conquered by the Cruzeños, but handed out by the peace treaty.

War of the Five Kingdoms, Seventh War of the Clover, 2141 - 2146 Edit

The defeats of the Cruzeños in the south weakened their forces -and more importantly, their prestige-. Sargos, thinking it was a propitious moment to take back the castles lost in the sixth war of the Clover, attacked La Cruz: but the same castles that stopped the Cruzeños two decades before stopped the sargonic forces.

With the kings of Sargos and La Cruz, which have been the two more powerful states of the Weseuros tangled against each other, it was seen as an oportunity by their enemies, who had lost territories against them in the previous wars.

Huncle, Tardos and Degoland will make an alliance, and attack La Cruz and Sargos.

A Destructive war, it will end with the Truce of the Clover, peace achieved by the interceding of the Archbishop of Karentia: Tardos, the great victor, recuperated many lands lost in the Tardic Succession War against La Cruz and Sargos, and Degoland secured for itself all the lands around the Lake Del Rey.

Huncle didn't achieved it's wish of seizing back Trebol, and while they had significative territorial gains, Trebol -again under the watch of the Order of Trebol- remained a sargonic vassal.

War of the Four Leaf Clover, Eight War of the Clover, 2188 - 2189 Edit

The War of the Four Leaf Clover will be the final of the Wars of the Clover: unsatisfied with the result of the Truce of the Clover, Huncle expected to recover Trebol, Sargos to gain back the losses incurred in the treaty, La Cruz, defeated by Tardos in the second Tardic-La Cruz war, wanted to recover a power base for future conflicts with Tardos, while Degoland had pending issues with Huncle since the Hunclech-Degoland war of the previous decade.

When the war erupted between Huncle and Sargos, La Cruz will attack in their own to try to seize Trebol. With the armies of their rivals focused on the west, Degoland will attack Sargos and Huncle.

The War ended with the whole region of Trebol under Sargonic rule, but they had to pay important compensations to La Cruz -along with several border castles- and Degoland -signing what will become later the defnitive boundaries between Degoland and Sargos until the personal union of both kingdoms.

Huncle, the great defeated in Trebol, was able to defeat the Degolandic push for Oster Gate.

As the kings signed the peace, they didn't expected it to last longer than the Truce of the Clover... but as the shadows of the Dark Legion began to gather on the horizon, beyond the Dargoina mountains, a ninth war of the clover will be interrupted by the Dark Legion of Demons and their invasion in the First War of the Power.

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