The War of the Five Kingdoms (2141-2146 a.a.H), sometimes known as well as the Seventh War of the Clover, was one of the largest scale wars between the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest during the Five Warring Kingdoms period.

The war, that begun as a conflic between Sargos and La Cruz, will later see entry in the war of a Huncle-Tardos-Degoland alliance.

History Edit

The defeats of the Cruzeños in the south against the Unlic Empire of Uslen weakened their forces -and more importantly, their prestige-. Sargos, thinking it was a propitious moment to take back the castles lost in the sixth war of the Clover, attacked La Cruz: but the same castles that stopped the Cruzeños two decades before stopped the sargonic forces.

With the kings of Sargos and La Cruz, which have been the two more powerful states of the Weseuros tangled against each other, it was seen as an oportunity by their enemies, who had lost territories against them in the previous wars.

Huncle, Tardos and Degoland will make an alliance, and attack La Cruz and Sargos.

A Destructive war, it will end with the Truce of the Clover, peace achieved by the interceding of the Archbishop of Karentia: Tardos, the great victor, recuperated many lands lost in the Tardic Succession War against La Cruz and Sargos, and Degoland secured for itself all the lands around the Lake Del Rey.

Huncle didn't achieved it's wish of seizing back Trebol, and while they had significative territorial gains, Trebol -again under the watch of the Order of Trebol- remained a sargonic vassal.

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