The War of the Four Emperors (1512 - 1514 a.a.H) was a civil war in the northern and southern Dumiam Empire of the Librarians. The Co-Emperor of the northern Dumian Empire -who had usurped the throne in a military coup, Spurius Nothus I died at the 1509 a.a.H, leaving three sons as heirs, dividing the northern empire between them.

Maximus Nothus, Medium Nothis and Iuvenis Nothis, the three sons of Spurius Nothus each reigned their provinces as their personal properties, becoming tyrants. Unhappy with the division of the empire, they began to claim the Imperial authority, which began a full out civil war at the 1512.

The Co-Emperor of the southern Dumian Empire, Formido III, who had never recogniced Spurius Nothus as an emperor but only an usurper that took the throne from his brother-in-law, decided to seize the opportunity and claim the Northern Dumian Empire Throne for himself, reuniting the empire.

The four claimants throwned themselves Emperors, before dying assessinated or in combat.

Formido III, who entered in Dumia after the assessination of Iuvenis Nothis, proclaimed as emperor by the guard of Iuvenis -that had killed him-, will die from food poisoning in the celebrations.

The son and daughter of Formido divived again the Empire in a northern and southern half, with the north being ruled by Leonora, and the south by Formido IV.

Leonora, a devote christian, will consecrate the Northern Dumian Empire to Christianism -being therefore pointed out by the christian church of Dume that the civil war and chaos was a divine design, to end the rule of atheists and heathens over the empire.

The social, military and political upheavals of the period had Empire-wide repercussions.

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