First war of the power by shabazik-d3cflvl

Belád Bonceduil, a High Elf soldier of the Empire of Whide Axis fighting forces of the Dark Legion. Most prominently, a Green Orc, Ozcura Orc and a Polforian Kanov

The Wars of the Power were three wars fought during the fantasy age, between the main Christian human realms and their allies against the Demons and their Confederation of Free Peoples for the Aierian Hegemony. Wars of the Power were centered in the continent of Aels, but will span on multiple continents, with battles fought in multiple theaters and with spillover conflicts.

The term is usually applied to the three main human-demon conflicts in the Fantasy Age:

It is also sometimes applied to other wars, including the Dumian-Demon Wars, the Kanovhook wars and the War of the Seven Realms.

Origins of the TermEdit

The term "War of the Power" was coined speculatively in the XXII century, some years before the First War of the Power broke out, being used by Christian human chronists and theologians, who spoke about the coming conflict with the demons that they saw coming as the demons gathered their legions having consolidated their power over Polforia: they preached to the human kingdoms of the northwest of Aels for Unity and to stop fighting over petty causes between humans and to concentrate in the fight between the "powers of good" and the "powers of evil".

During the First War of the Power, the term was popularized not only among the Christian humans but non-humans, but who didn't gave it the black-white morality, but saw it as a war for the Power, as both human and demon wanted to rule the destiny of Aiers

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