The Wars of the Wizard was a series of wars fought in southern Aels during the Middle Elfic Age between the 2500 and 1500 b.a.H, between the rossnes elven empires of Malvor and Montthafen and the flairie nations of the Koyonko and Lantania against the Wizard of the Black City of Negrol.

The Black Wizard, the common enemy and protagonist of these wars, it's an enigmatic figure that lead a coalition of beast men -and later, orcs-, under a figure some historians had linked to an early apparence of demons in Aiers, or either as a powerful dark elven Wizadrd of the elves of the prairies.

The first recorded encounter with the Black Wizard will be during the expansion of the Lantanidos in southern Aels, which will mark the beginning of the Wars of the Wizard: during their course, Lantania will be sacked and destroyed -forcing the Lantanidos into the Alan Ocean and their expansion northwards-, for long the Koyonko will be tributaries and vassals of the Wizard, and mark the history of the Montthafen. In his rule over these peoples, the Wizard impossed the Cult of Argrow, that the elves identified in their -posterior- accounts as a God of Evil.

The final of the War will come with the dissaparition of the Wizard, which resulted in the disbanding of his followers.

The relations between later demons and the Wizard comes from some descriptions made of the lieautenants of the Wizard, and as well the cult of Argrow, which some related to the religion of the demons.

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