Demon werewolf warrior

Werewolf Warrior

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A werewolf outside a defensive perimeter in an encampment, Campaign of Sargos, Second War of the Power, 2440 a.a.H.

Werewolf legionary by shabazik-d8bjlho

Armor wearing werewolf of the 4th Mondwargh Legion, IX Dark Legion 'Bloodied Paw', ca 2490 a.a.H.

W E R E W O L F, Lycantrophe Daemonii

Race: Werewolf

Species: Daemoni

Other Names: Werewargs, Berserkers, Wargserkers, Lycanthropes, Lycans, Skin Shedders, Coat-Skins

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

The werewolves are a type of demon from the daemoni. They are noteworthy as being the only 'true' class of shape shifters in reality rather than in legends. Their forms are of a powerful humanoid with pointed ears, and surprisingly little body hair; a 'wolf' form larger than a common Warg; and an intermediary form, a 'wolf-person' form with some of the best attributes of both.



The demons are divided in three classes: The High demons, or demon lords, where can be found the Bazrrod, some of the most powerful personal entities of Aiers. The second class are the Demons: offspring of the firsts, and meant to be their lieutenants and retinue, as the elemental demons (Izrhim), Illithid, Succubi, Incubi, Vampires and Werewolves, and finally the lesser demons, slaves and servants, as the Imps, Kattalka, Skavo, Cascomi and Hellhounds.

Origins in LegendEdit

In myths and the stories of many of the peoples of Aiers, the demons that arrived to Aiers were expulsed from hell itself, a theory that was even more supported as often the Daemoni referred to themselves as the exiled. However, later and modern interpretations suppose their origin in a real deep and until then unexplored parts of the underworld of Kazrrad, or even some region beneath Kazrrad.


Splitting Soul ShardsEdit

Originally, all the demons originate from the Bazrrod or demon lords: By a process the demons called "spliting their soul in shards", they created with "shards of their soul" new demons, and depending of the artificial body used as container and the power of the shard, the offspring would be one or another class of demon or lesser demon.

While this process is unknown in its nature -and many theologians argued that demons don't have souls-, this explained the extreme difference and variation among the demons, specially created by this process.

However, this method of asexual reproduction used by the demon lords to create their offspring weakened them, as every "Soul Shard" meant to keep splintering their souls -and core of their power-.

Sexual ReproductionEdit

While there were male and female Bazrrods and they could reproduce sexually, they were interested in raising armies, servants and slaves.

And because of this, the Bazrrods created other means of sexual reproduction for their demon kind.

And so, were created vampires, werewolves, succubae and incubi that could have offspring, becoming races on their own, aside of just soul shards of demon lords.

See: Daemoni

Werewolf DescriptionEdit


The Werewolves -as the early shape shifters- were meant for the demons to be warriors, that combined the strength of beasts with the viciousness of the warriors. Tools of war, and fear.


They were characteristic for their ability to shapeshift into a super-scaled wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature. Their humanoid form was similar to a overly large, muscular and powerful elf.

Military UseEdit

Minimum Armor and WeaponsEdit

The werewolves take much pride in their shapeshifting ability -limited only to them, and the early shape shifter demons from which the werewolves come-, but because of that, and the shifting of size and form -not weight- in general they don't use armor, clothes or many weapons.

Poor Line AbilityEdit

However, as they didn't much use armor or weapons, and being sometimes too difficult to command, the werewolves were seen by many demon lords as a force of chaos, and of reduced use in a large battlefield or a siege.

Early History in WarsEdit

The Lycanthropes played an important part in the wars between the Dark Legion of Demons and the late northern Dumian Empire, and as well, during the Kanovhook wars, the wars between the demons and the kanov for the domination of Polforia.

Myths and LegendsEdit

According to human and Kanov myths, the werewolves were either a curse or a lycanthropic affliction, transmitted via a bite or scratch from a werewolf, or some other means. In their myths, this transformation is often associated with the appearance of the full moon.

However, the werewolves, being demons, couldn't turn non-werewolves in werewolves -but their biting and scratches could, indeed, produce infections, but mostly due to lack of medical care for the victims, than some lycanthropic affliction.

One of the more important werewolves would be the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria, one of the Bazrrod Demon Princes. Legendarily the 'First Werewolf' in some traditions.

Types of WerewolvesEdit

Like with other demons, the werewolves themselves can be divided in diferent groups:
These are the four types of werewolves:

First FathersEdit

The First Fathers or Forefathers were from the first demons of the original legion that emerged from Demonach, who can outlive for much even elves: But like the Bazrrods and other great demon and demon lords, these First Fathers have a body that is more a construction for their "soul", rather than flesh and blood that age: For example, one of the first fathers of werewolves is the Nigromante of Tok-Thoria, who before becoming the lord of Tok-Thoria and one of the Four Black Kings, was one of the demons that left the Mount Satanmet in Demonatch, meaning the arrival of The Darkness -so he was active for some 1.300 years, if not more-. The First Fathers weren't numerous, and most died in the wars of the Dark Legion in the first millenia, against the Dumian Empire and Vakkusta Empire, or later, in the Kanovhook wars. Most of the modern werewolf clans have as a mythical forefather, one of the First Fathers. Due the "unnatural" nature of their body, they could shift in more forms that just wolf and werewolf, but it's unknown what is myth, and what is real. At least the Nigromante sometimes appeared as a young werewolf male, and others, as an elder with long beard, and some claim, as a woman sometimes.

Soul ShardsEdit

The Soul Shards were werewolves created by the First Fathers or other demon lords: their bodies were as well "constructions", and not real flesh and blood. Powerful, their life was a Soul Shard of their masters, and their masters gave part of their own strength to create these powerful lieutenants and captains: but as demons greed for power, they weren't that numerous.
These lived easily over a thousand years, and like the first fathers, didn't age as nature would command them to -eventually they did age, but in unnatural rhythms-. As well, they had much more powers (including shape shifting), than other werewolves. They were much more common during the first Dark Legion, but during and after the Kanov-Hook wars, their descendants replaced them in their roles, so few Demon Lords split their souls in shards to make new Soul Shards, to keep their powers.


The Old legacy or Lineage werewolves instead, were the sons and daughters of werewolf First Fathers with werewolf Soul Shards, or of the First Fathers with other kinds of demons: of strong demonic lineage, they were born in a natural way: They were strong, but just a shadow in comparison to their forefathers. The Lineage werewolves live easily 200 years and even up to 300 years, and they age: they born, grow, become adults, and then elders. Many times, they were the alphas of the werewolf packs for many generations.

Werewolves of the clansEdit

Finally, there are the werewolves of the clans, descendants of Lineage werewolves with werewolves, or other demons -and sometimes non-demonic peoples as K'Nir beast men, elfs and Humans, or even animals, as Wargs and wolves-, they have the demonic blood much less strong. These werewolves born, grow, become adults and die, and while some can live maybe to 120, 150 years -having stronger demonic or elven blood, for example-, it's more normal an old age of 60 to 80. But due to the violent and difficult life of werewolves, life expectative is more in only 40 years.

(In the distant past, when there weren't many werewolves, it was more common the relation with other demons, and non-demonic peoples and beasts. But with the passage of centuries, as the werewolf population expanded, it became less and less culturally acceptable relations between werewolves and non-werewolves, be they demon, non-demonic people or animals!)

See alsoEdit

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