The Weseringian Empire (1693 - 1743 a.a.H) was a large empire in northwestern Aels, comprising the lands that the elves knew as Aiea, beyond what had been the territories of the Weseuros humans.

It was ruled by the Weseringian Dynasty, which had ruled as kings of the Tranks since 1620 and as kings of the Gaarmans from 1687.

In Christmas of 1693, Aleks I of the Weseuros was crowned emperor by the by the archbishop Leomedina III at the fortified cathedral of Karentia.

After a civil war that lasted 32 years after the dead of Aleks between his sons, the empire was divided into four autonomous kingdoms. While the unity of the empire was supposedly acknowledged, the continued conflicts between the succesor states resulted in the foundation of a fifth kingdom -La Cruz- and the independence of the Archbishopric of Karentia:

as result of the division of the empire into five kingdoms, came to be the Five Kingdoms of the Weseuros.

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