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Pumori of the White Fang and other pack members of the White Fang circa 2439 a.a.H.

The White Fang is a werewolf clan, originally from Mondwargh, Polforia. They were notable in that in the chaotic times following the fall of the Dark Legion of Demons in the First War of the Power, they would become widely regarded as the foremost and most brutal and feared of the werewolf clans. They would drive out and enslave many peoples from fellow werewolf packs to destroying villages of Kanovs from their lands. The White Fang would gain a sovereign hold of a large territory carved out of Mondwargh and bordering regions that reached its maximum extension of territory and ethnic and racial 'cleansing' under Hel the Oathbreaker in the early 25th Century.

Immediately after the rule of Hel, the rules of Freya White Fang and Freya's own successor Pumori of the White Fang, would lead from a severely isolationist single race and culture to first a more open society, and later, a multi ethnic one. This process would be hastened by a loss of sovereignty to the resurgent Dark Legion of Demons following negotiations with Rippien the Tasteless. The White Fang would become known first as enforcers of the Dark Legion in Mondwargh and some surrounding regions, and then the core of a legion. The little half ruined castle of Howling Keep would expand to become a fortified administrative town of Howls.

After The Cataclysm, the White Fang migrated from the sinking Polforia to the south, in the region of the Upperlands, where the clan will lead a confederation of werewolf clans in the highlands of Degoland, until the Werewolf Wars and the eventual annexation of the Highlands to Degoland, but keeping due treaty some degree of autonomy.


Kanovhook WarsEdit

During the Kanovhook wars the White Fang took a part in the conquest of Polforia, when was granted to the leaders of the pack by the Shapeshifter lord Firsnternis the nobility title from their role in the war effort.

The White Fang during the First War of the PowerEdit

The White Fang in the war-torn inter-bellum PolforiaEdit

Growth of the White FangEdit

The White Fang would spend much of the next two centuries fighting other werewolves, and also Kanov tribes, and various orcs from sophisticated Brûmer Orcs to the simple Ozcura Orcs. The werewolf clan would become quite numerous during certain periods, and would come to control a large territory. They garnered a fearsome reputation and the fiercest and greatest werewolves known in Aels.


The White Fang would be among those forces opposing the colonial aspirations of the Five Kingdoms of the Northwest, and would raid and ultimately help destroy the half elf / human colony of Reivelin. Many of those captured and enslaved in raids and the ultimate destruction becoming thralls of the White Fang in the settlement of Livegnet

Hel the OathbreakerEdit

The Rule of PumoriEdit

Second War of the PowerEdit

Third War of the PowerEdit

The White Fang in Modern Aiers: Migration to the UpperlandsEdit

The White Fang Confederation: The Werewolf WarsEdit

The White Fang in DegolandEdit

Ethnic StructureEdit

the White-Fang is a multiethnic society home to people of many different ethnic and specie backgrounds. Studies on the ethnic structure of the White Fang vary significantly from one another.

Ancestries and GeneticsEdit

While originally a werewolf clan, quite early since it seems the last years of the Middle Human Age, there was an increasing amount of inter-racial and inter-species relations, with Ozcura Orcs, elves, kanovs, humans and some unidentified genetic material. During the Second War of the Power this process accelerated and the White Fang will be one of the first werewolf clans with considerable amounts of clan-members that weren't werewolves, having only partial werewolf ancestors, or none at all if adopted into the clan, so many white fangs weren't capable of shape-shifting.

Self PerceptionEdit

Despite the genetic considerations, many White Fangs, if asked, would self-identify as werewolves, even if it have been generations since they ancestors hadn't been werewolves or shapeshifters. In a 3211 survey asked respondents in the High Lands what race the White Fangs considered themselves to belong to. Most answered "werewolf" (59%), while 25% said "mixed" and 8% self-classified as "human". A 3202 national poll revealed that a majority of White Fangs believed they possessed some (43.4%) or much (8.3%) "human blood", while 40.3% responded that they had none.



The folk culture of the White Fang has mostly Werewolf origins.

Emigration of White FangsEdit

During the 3100-3200 a.a.H, after the End of the Werewolf Wars and the Federal Monarchy of Degoland, there was a signficative emigration of White Fang clanmembers to the Degoland colonial Empire in Soldarmia, or to colonies in Zarhuy, and as well, to other countries of Aels and Ushaenor. However, since Degoland turned from an Unitary to a Federal state, recognizing more the autonomy of the Highlander Clans, and as well, with the economic development of the Highlands, the emigration of White Fangs dropped.

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