The White and Purple Concordate was a contractual waiver signed by the Emperor of the Elves Altarin in Dahl'Haran of the use and legitimization of force to assert his legal claims, at the 2208 a.a.H.

The concordat was a result of a convention between the Emperor of the Elves and representatives of the sovereign states of the Empire of Whide Axis, from both the Purple and the White Parties. (See: Purple Party, White Party)

In this convention was defined the relationship between the Emperor of the Elves and the states of the federation, recognizing the privileges of the states and of the emperor, setting as well a moratorium for the ongoing conflict between the Purple and White Parties for the duration of the First War of the Power, allowing Altarin to raise the Imperial Army he needed to face the demons.

While successful in avoiding the civil war between the two parties and their states which had been feared as inevitable, it was instrumentalized by both the Purple and White Party during the War -aiming for their own objectives-, and with the disappearance of Altarin during the Battle of Polforia, the White and Purple Concordate will be used as one of the legal justifications to leave the Throne Empty until the return of the Emperor Altarin, which greatly benefited the Purple Party and the local authorities who defended particularism.

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