The Witch King of Dol'Nur ( unknown date - 2.675 a.a.H) was a Bazrrod demon lord, General of the Dark Legion, statesman, one of the Seven Demon Princes, lord of Dol'Nur, The Furnaces and Mergomel, the Restorer of the Princes, Master of witches.


The Witch King chose to appear to be a skeleton-like spectral figure clothed in black robes. How such a form functioned is unknown; probably though, as a puppet, through the energy manipulation known as "magic".


Early RiseEdit

While a secondary figure during the Early Dark Legion, he will gain power during the development of the Polforian Dark Legion, as he founded the Demonic Kingdom of Dol-Nur.

He is known to have brought the relatively nearby Witches of the forests of Ded under his control. Annexing them as a vassal country of Dol-Nur, to end the war between them and the Dustlands of Brûm. The Black dragons of Brûm were proving to be the undoing of the witches. This episode is how the name of "Witch King" came to be.

After the First War of the PowerEdit

He escaped the Exile after the First War of the Power, taking refuge with a band of demons who hid in the demon clan of Tempo-Katzooine.

From there, he will conspire against the colonial attempts of humans and High Elves in Polforia, up to the refoundation of Dol'Nur as one of the remnant states of the Dark Legion during the chaotic Middle Human Age for Polforia.

A Demon PrinceEdit

He will be able to rise as the most powerful of the demon warlords of Polforia of the Middle Human Age: a loyalist, as he unified most of Polforia under his rule, he commanded an expedition to free the Demon Princes from their exile.

He commanded the strongest Polforian forces and will become the nominal Ruler of Polforia under Sataan in the Reunified Dark Legion.

War of the Four Black KingsEdit

After the Treason of Satman the Fallen at the 2.535 a.a.H, he will fight for the succession as the right hand of Sataan in the War of the Four Black Kings.

While at first, his bid was promising as he was able to defeat the forces of the Dark Elf King of Zaghäl, his forces will be defeated by Anutkahook.

Later HistoryEdit

After the civil war, his power and influence was greatly reduced to only his realm of Dol'Nur, up to the Third War of the Power.

He will be vanquished in The Cataclysm.

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