The Wicthes of the forests of Ded was a sisterhood of witches that lived in the forests of Ded, within the region of Polforia in the continet of Aels.

The Witches of the Forests of Ded were one of the most successful multi-species and multi-racial organizations of Aels, incorporating without any problem, all sorts of hybrids in their ranks, as long they were female and magically inclined, or had extensive knowledge of plants, venoms, poisons or healing. Only the orcs would be discriminated against, maybe due to an ancestral but lost law, being limited in their role to servants, helpers and slaves, but never full members of the sisterhood.

The first historical records that speak about the witches of Ded were from the Kanov tribe of the Kordor, during the wars of the Kanovs and Humans in Polforia around the VI Century after the Appearance of Humanity. In the stories of the Kordor, the witches of Ded were only nightmare material, and their historical origins have been lost, without any accurate historical records.


No one knew of their origins for sure, and one could only speculate. A supposition was that they were originally remnents of a primitive Sylvan elf population, who were expelled from their lands by the Kordor, being forced to move deeper and deeper into the forests of Ded, and that somehow, their druidic and shamanistic religion changed, to become something darker and with a lust for blood.

Due to their infamous actions among the kordor, and other kanov and human kingdoms, soon it was known the forest of the witches of Ded to be an enchanted, damned unholy place of nightmares.

From their forests, the witches would terrorize their enemies, and despite their elected mystery and isolation, when the demons first came to Polforia with their dark Legion, they were among the first ones to join them, against their ancestral enemies.

Becoming vassals of the demons and the dark legion, they began worshipping them as gods... but as they accepted the demons' rule and allowing them into their ranks, their organization changed, becoming less mysterious.

As the Sisterhood of Witches expanded under the banners of the Dark Legion, in their expansion, the Witches of Ded were to face another expanding dark kingdom of the Dark Legion: the Dustlands of Brûm, guided by the dragongod king.

Ded and Brûm fought, but against the legions of the blackdragons the witches were only numbered in the hundreds, and they were sent back to their enchanted forests. And so, they began to raise armies of their slaves and servants, hiring Kanov mercenaries and breeding in the caverns and hideouts of the forests an army of grey orcs, Ozcura Orcs.

With their army ready, the Sisterhood will try to oppose the expansion of Brûm, but they were only capable of keeping them at bay at the limits of their forests...

weakened, and losing ground to the black dragons of Brûm, to stop the bloody war between two vassal states of the Dark Legion of Demons, the demon lords will determine that the Sisterhood of the witches of Ded would be annexed to the Black Tower of Dol-Nur, becoming the lord of the fortress the title of Witch King of Dol-Nur, and by losing much of their self-determination, the witches disappeared as a key political force in central Polforia.


While the primitive organization of the Witches of Ded is still unknown, once under the influence of the demons what seemed to be a very anarchic community, became organized into an organized sisterhood with ranks and classes, developing into an actual vassal state of the demons, to meet the requirements of the Dark Legion of supplies and warriors.

The Sisterhood became then ruled by a council of the witches, who elected the first among the equals to rule them for a year, becoming the Witch of the Forest, but answering to the council.

Later, as they were under the rule of Dol-Nur, aside of the Witch of the Forest, they answered to the Witch King of Dol-Nur.

The witches seems to have been originally only Sylvan elfs, but as soon as the invasion of the Kordor and other humans and kanovs, they seemed to slowly accept into their ranks members from other species and races, pure and hybrid, into their ranks: And once they accepted the various demons: vampires, nigromancers, succubae and werewolves and other demons of all kinds, the composition of the group became even more heterogeneous.

All the witches, with the later exception of the later Witch King, were only female, and they were known for their rites that involved the sacrifices, or of their mates in some cases after conception, or infanticide, killing their male children. Stories and myths mix, telling some tales about their cannibalism, lust and terrible powers, speaking about stolen children, eating babies and more, as they used fear as one of their main weapons.

Aside from fear, the witches were said to be fierce spellcasters, using with profusion poisons and potions, being meleé combat not unknown for them, being one of their characteristic weapons some long blades used in their hands as claws.

Originally, the Witches didn't have any settlement, aside from the caves and huts dispersed in the enchanted forests, but once under the demonic rule, towers, temples and fortress will be built by their slaves and servants.

Joining the SisterhoodEdit

The Sisterhood of the Witches of Ded was originally only composed of the witches, and to become so, the magically adept women who wanted to enter were to endure a series of difficult and dangerous dark and unknown tests: but as the sisterhood needed to expand due the requirements of the demons and the Dark Legion, the process and composition changed. Stealing children from their families, adopting orphans and slaves sent to them by the demons, they shaped them to become members of the order: but the demands of the demons always seemed to claim more and more trained magic users, and (their numbers never seemed to increase.  ?)

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