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The Wrall Caravan in transit. The Drow Trio Needed to Act as Porters in the Caravan. Fluffy the Pet Elf in the Foreground

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Ivoÿn and her Dwarven master, Mr. Wrall (jr.) in front of a human mosque in Plains of Antor

The Wrall and Son Stone Trade Company (also known in some texts as the "Wrall and Son Stone Trading Company") is a large Duergar (type of Dwarf) family business that is based in the Duergar country of Faria, in the continent of Zarhuy, where much or most of their business takes place. The company intersects into several Aiers stories that take place in Zarhuy.


The primary purpose of the company would seem to be to conduct caravans to trade goods, and as a platform for other merchants to join as partners to market their own wares. The chief market is the far off nation of High elves known as Vanilion, and the ancient high elf built Vanilion Road helps make this process relatively profitable and easy, despite formidable wilds and potential raiders. The caravan enables overland trade between northern and southern Zarhuy, and from the civilizations of southern Aels and Kazrrad with the fabled and very wealthy nation of Vanilion.

It requires a two year circuit to return to base. Most of a year traveling to and from Vanilion, with many stops at small markets along or near the Vanilion Road to do business, and presumably a longer stop in Vanilion to trade more carefully, rest, and restock new goods for the north and markets in Aels, and resupply.

Caravan PersonnelEdit


This is a family based business, albeit a business with a large number of partners, employees, hirelings and slaves.

Doubtlessly, there are many family members not seen, because little or nothing has been seen of the company other than the caravan itself or its leaders doing business in bazaars or villages in Zarhuy.

The known Wrall family members are:

  • Wrall (sr.) -- an unseen, aged patriarch who probably remains in the company base of operations in Faria?
  • Wrall (jr.) -- a middle aged, opportunistic trader who heads the caravan and makes important decisions.
  • Wrall (grandson) -- an adult trader who is part of the caravan, and seems more gruff than following the friendly salesman model.
  • Wrall (daughter in law) -- wife of the grandson, a capable metalsmith and typically friendly.

Known AssociatesEdit

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Milvais Zisrith of the Drow Trio and a dwarf woman who was her nemesis as a slave, damaging her confidence

  • An unnamed larger dwarf woman. Possibly a Nortunk Dwarf, or maybe an Odenberg Duergar? A slave trainer and possibly a somewhat cruel and/or sadistic one. She would prove to be a 'just punishment' to Milvais Zisrith of the Drow Trio for her own role in slaving, particularly an episode with a Nortunk dwarf.
  • The Drow Trio are a small group of Negeémi Drow Acolytes that fell into slavery for a time, and traveled most of the year-long journey down the length of Zarhuy, along the Vanilion Road. They were stolen from the company by the plains orcs in the State of Thilien, before reaching Vanilion, along with their fellow slave mentor, Fluffy.
  • Roothar the Slaver is a multitalented merchant who has had close dealings with the Wrall Company before, and may have traveled with them. It is known that he's traveled into the hinterland of Zarhuy before with a caravan when he had his frightening encounter with Father Dragon.

Functional Roles within the CaravanEdit

The Wrall caravan is akin to a small town, with many different merchants and support personnel a part of it. Some of these support folks are:

  • Animal Handlers to help feed and guide the Dragonid (dinosaur-like) pack animals that haul large wagons of goods and living quarters.
  • Mercenaries who act as protection as guards and soldiers in the wilds of Zarhuy, and sometimes as muscle for enforcement or slave management.
  • Slaves who frequently are being herded to a far off slave market to be sold, but also serve the caravan as porters and orderlies. They frequently have some more useful skills in loading and unloading wagons, animal handling, scouting and as interpreters. Dwarfs are often good at finding value in everything and exploiting it.
  • Partners merchants frequently bring their own skills and expertise to the table. Blacksmiths, leatherworkers, carpenters, clothiers, slavers, pharmacists and so on. These folks add to the talent pool of the caravan beyond just being interested in making deals to sell their wares.


Crop Farian centered

Farian Dwarves are positioned to exchange goods between continents

It is unknown where in Faria the company is based at, but very likely is based in Hâllback, the home city of Roothar. Wrall (sr.) apparently runs business close to home, gathering supplies and merchant contracts and goods to go on the next caravan even as the current one is out in the field. Much business, and even some travel and transport, might be undertaken to buy and carry goods from southern Aels, coming from ship, or from the various underground States of Kazrrad, to Faria. Possibly accumulated in Hâllback.

Time of Caravan OperationEdit

It requires two years for the caravan to travel the Vanilion Road from Faria to the far off nation of High elves in the south of Vanilion, whose wealth and hunger for fine goods makes these caravans profitable. Although a year might be spent between caravan trips? There is evidence that the Wrall Company spent some time in Faria as Roothar the Slaver was able to go on a much smaller Kazrrad based caravan of his own into southern Aels and back after learning of a need for Drow slaves, and managing to procure some for the company, by happenstance, if not design.

Vanilion Road Zarhuy by Shabazik

The Vanilion Road in Zarhuy as it was in the 25th Century a.a.H.



Little is known, but it has apparently been very successful and has been in operation for much of a dwarfen lifetime if Wrall (sr.) is a guide to its time of operation.


The caravan has happily dealt with Antorian Orcs as poorly developed orcs frequently don't understand the value of what they obtain. Particularly slaves of elves, whom the Duergar value highly as slaves due to their skills and long lives.

It was dealing the Antorian Orcs when Wrall (jr.) obtained Fluffy the Pet Elf as a company slave.

Later on, the Wrall Company obtained the characters of the Drow Trio in their story and took them into the far south.

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