Yak yak giant warrior by shabazik-d5m0ccg

A Yak Yak warchief, who have picked some enemy weapons as souvenirs. Useless for him, but can be traded

Y A K Y A K, Homo Colossus Borealis

Race: Yak Yak

Class: Yakkek

Species: Human

Other names: Jätten, Jothun, Yaksmåkand, Yak.

Allegiance: Unaligned. Empire of Whide Axis

The Yak Yak are Yakkek of the human family, originally from the far north of Hieyoks.


While the origin of the Yakkek isn't completely clear -some propose an hybridization process of the Skamals, from the Ogre goblinoid family-, the Yak Yak are a group considered Human -rather than Giant-, but who often are as tall as 3 meters high.

They aren't a numerous people, and in general are rather peaceful, dedicated to raise cattle, or hunt land and sea animals -as the whales, main part of their diet.-


Most of their conflicts will be against the ice giants, Skamals and other Yak Yak, and as such, the few armors they used were designed mostly against enemies of their same size or larger, rather than shorter ones. However, this doesn't mean there were no conflicts with Humans, Kanovs, Elfs, Dwarfs and Orcs among others, and neither was it unknown to learn about Yak Yak mercenaries.

Size comparison by shabazik-d5m045l

A line up of various races of Aiers for comparison purposes. Please note that while heights might be representative, some figures are caricatures

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