Yuki onna by shabazik-d7csaym

Niri, Yuki-Onna from the Jamon Archipelago

Y U K I - O N N A, Nix Muliere Daemonii

Race: Demon

Class: Demon

Species: Daemoni

Other names: Elemental demon, Snow Demon, Ice demon, Yuki-musume, snow girl, yuki-onago, snow wench, yukojōro, snow harlot, yuki anesa, snow sis, yuki-omba, snow nanny, snow granny, yukinba, snow hag, yukifuri-baba, snowfall hag.

Allegiance: Independent, Yōkay kingdoms, Dark Legion of Demons

The Yuki-onna (雪女 , snow woman) was a kind of demon from Eastern Hieyoks.

Yuki-onna in Hieyoks MythsEdit

They were for long present in the myths of humans, ice elves and others, as a mythical being associated with winter and snowstorms, and as well, with spirits of someone who perished in the snow, described often at the same time beautiful and serene, yet ruthless in killing unsuspecting mortals, being often portrayed as evil, but in other stories had a more ghost-like nature and ephemeral beauty.

In many stories, Yuki-onna appeared to travelers trapped in snowstorms, using her icy breath to leave them as frost-coated corpses, while other legends said that she leaded them astray so they simply die of exposure. Other times, she manifested holding a child, and when a well-intentioned soul takes the "child" from her, they are frozen in place. Parents searching for lost children were then particularly susceptible to this tactic. Other legends made the Yuki-onna much more aggressive. In these stories, she often invaded homes, blowing in the door with a gust of wind to kill residents in their sleep (some legends require her to be invited inside first).

What Yuki-onna was after varied from tale to tale. Sometimes she was simply satisfied to see a victim die. Other times, she had a more vampiric nature, draining her victims' blood or "life force", occasionally in these legends taking a succubus-like manner, preying on weak-willed men to drain or freeze them through sex or a kiss.

Like the snow and winter weather they represented, Yuki-onna had a softer side, leaving sometimes their would-be victims go for various reasons.

Yuki-Onna as a demon of the Dark LegionEdit

As the Dark Legion of Demons expanded their influence to the continent of Hieyoks, to reinforce the Confederation of Free Peoples against mankind -after the catastrophe of the Sargonic campaign of the 2440 a.a.H-, to instill fear in the hearts of their enemies and gather around their dark banners the enemies of humankind, they did in Hieyoks as they had done before in Aels:

Use of Human MythsEdit

In Aels, they adopted the identity of demons, as the nightmarish creatures the human religions branded them to be, as a form of psychological warfare. And as their were demons in Aels, they presented them as well as mythical creatures to the peoples of Hieyoks.

In the Jamon Archipielago, as ambassadors to the Yōkai Kingdoms of the Oni, the demons sent there presented themselves as Oni demons themselves, or as other creatures of the myths, such as the Yuki-Onna.

The Yuki-Onna of the Dark Legion of Demons were supposed to have been originally Izrhim Water elemental Demons, who for this task adapted the form of the snow woman of myths, specializing in the manipulation of snow and ice:

Rise of new demon realmsEdit

In such a way, as the Vampires, Werewolf(ves) and Succubus before, a new kind of demon, and with the time, the snow-woman demons will develop their own realms and culture, being part of the war efforts of the Dark Legion during the Second and Third War of the Power efforts in the far east of Hieyoks.

It's however not quite clear, if they acted as the previous legends, or if the previous legends where instead adapted to how the Yuki-Onna demons acted.

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