Elf war witch by shabazik-d5thgrc

"Wanna burn, baby?" A Zaghäl Dark elf war witch from the City of Zaghäl

Z A G H Ä L Dampnas elvii

Race: Zaghäl

Class: Dark Elf

Species: Elf

Other names: Wicked Elf, twisted elf, mad elf, demon elf, tainted elf, Illuminated

Allegiance: Dark Legion of Demons

Zaghäl DescriptionEdit

The Zaghäl are a race of dark elves who lived in Polforia. They are a made of Hakes from Ushaenor and Drow from multiple cities from Aels. The zaghäli were willing to breed to enhance their potential magic; many of the second generation are a mixed race of Drow and Hakes. Skin color ranges from dark blue to dark grey, light hair to dark hair.

Zaghäl HistoryEdit

At first, their origins were during the Second War of the Power, when the demons of the dark legion wanted to create a larger front to fight their human and light elven enemies, and they went seeking for alliances, such as with the Hake dark elves.

At the 2466 after the Apparition of Humanity, this alliance between the dark elves and the dark legion was sealed, with the demons granting to their dark elven allies lands in the southeast of Polforia, in the haunted forests of Zaghäl, in exchange for their alliance, and their worship of the demons as their gods.

There, the most powerful arcanists and magic users of the dark elves built--along with a large slave workforce provided by the dark legion--the City of the Wicked, Zaghäl.

Soon, the Zaghäli (inhabitants of the dark elven city) prepared for war, to war against the hated light elves, aiming at the High elven/Sylvan elf city of Lorthen, the last high elven settlement of Aels.

And at the 2483 a.a.H, the Zaghäli will attack and siege Lorthen -completely surprising the High elves, as there was no Hake in Aels that they knew of, and while they were able to defeat the high elven armies, forcing those light elves to flee to their fortified city of Lorthen. The Zaghali attempted to assault the powerful fortress, but were forced to retreat.

However, they didn't renounce their goal, and returned in the year 2496 with a larger and more powerful army, with legions of ozcura orcs (the only orcs the zaghäli thought were aesthetical enough to be their slaves) and siege equipment, but this time their army was defeated by the silvan and high elves before laying siege to the city.

Weakened after these two failures, not only from a military point of view, but more importantly, in the eyes of the demons, the Hakes of Zaghäl sought to expand politically from a single Hake state in Aels, into a wide confederation of dark elven states, and at the 2511 a.a.H they made alliances with the Drow and the Anqueael Elf(ves), and as well with the demon light elven servants, the blood elfs.

Then, the confederated dark elven armies marched to Lorthen the following year (2512), laying siege to the High elves for six years, until due to disagreements between the dark elven commanders, internal power struggles in Zaghäl and a minor defeat in the gates of the inner citadel of Lorthen, made them abandon the siege.

From the Hake-Drow alliance, will be born the first truly Zaghäl.

These, like the Ash elves, are of mixed parents: Drow and Hakes are both Dark Elves, and both chose to live in Zaghäl, for being powerful arcane users.

While in the years of 2536-2539 a.a.H, the City of the Wicked and their King will fight in the dark legion's civil war -War of the Four Black Kings, more of the zaghäl were born:

And during the Third War of the Power (2633-2675 a.a.H), they will compose the backbone of the magical users of the Dark Legion of Demons (along with the demons), being feared their war witches and warlocks, because as they were born from magic-weilding parents, the Zaghäl had a strong magic lineage... and according to the other elves (light and dark), they had as well strong madness in their blood.

However, with the Great Cataclysm the Cataclysm, the City of the Wicked will disappear, erased, from the face of Aiers, and the few Zaghäl survivors, mixed with other dark elves...

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