The flag of Zur

The offical flag of zur that was created after the second independence war.

Map of Zur

Map of modern Zur

officially the Republic of Zur, is a country in southern Zarhuy. It shares land borders with Uneghe to the north, the Zher sea to the east, the ocean to the west and Suadabria to the southeast.

It gained it independence officialy from Suadabria at 3291 a.a.H after the Second Zur Indendence War, but it claimed unilateraly to be independent from Suadabria since the end of the Third World War of Aiers, 3280 a.a.H. However since then, Zur have fallen in repeated ocassions under foreign influence, and later during the GOFFY party government, it became briefly the República Goffiana de Zur. Its capital and largest city is the city of Zur. Before The Cataclysm, Zur was part of Forhel, being inhabited since early times by orcs and beast-men, and during the Late Elfic Age by High Elves, who founded kingdoms and colonies. After the Apparition of Humanity, which triggered the age of invasions, arrived humans, dwarves and other non-human races, collapsing the elven nations of Forhel. Since abut the 26th century a.a.H arribed humans of the Butu ethnic group, who came with the Butu expansion. After the cataclysm, Butu kingdoms reigned over most of the lands that will be Zur. Mot of the territory became a Calintropian Empire protectorade in 3048 a.a.H and remained a purpurian colony until the Zur Independence War at 3084, when was created the first Republic of Zur, nation which independence wasn't recognized by their metropolis. In 3155, after the end of the Anglasecuarnian wars, due a mandate of the victors in the Treaty of Bessernicht, Calintropian renounced to all their colonial claims in Zarhuy in favor of the Gastronomic Empire, who claimed sovereignity over the Republic of Zur. In 3157, from the ignacian colony of Uneghe, Zur was conquered and will became part of the Ignacian Colonial Empire of Zarhuy.

During the second Ignacian sucession war (3224-3237) Zur and other territories of southern Zarhuy will secesionate from the empire. In 3237, the Christopherian Pacifist Union ( UPC ) mandated the country to Suadabria, which imposed its laws and policien, becoming an integral part of the new Union of Suadabria, a christopherian protectorade. As part of Suadabria, will take part in the second world war of aiers, Tris-Tigris-Hidraulic War (3250-3256), be invaded during the late Münzen imperialism (3268) and the third world war of aiers, UVA-MW war (3276-3280). After the war, Zur will issue their unilateral declaration of war, beginning a low intensity conflict with Suadabria. The Republic of Zur will take part in the fourth world war of Aiers, the Pentarchy War (3295-3300 a.a.H) for the side of the MW, being occupied again by Suadabria, who was pentarchy alligned, and after the war, a Suadabrian puppet government was issued. At 3308, Zur was invaded and annexed by the Ozean Empire, being a protectorade of Ozean until the dissolution of the empire, at 3317 a.a.H. Zur, having fallen in chaos and civil war, will see the rise of the GOFFY party, being created at 3321 the República Goffiana de Zur. Zur will be a battlefront during the Fifth World War of Aiers. Zur has a population of 2.7 million people (2.1 million humans, 0.6 million non-humans) and a stable multi-party parliamentary democracy. Agriculture, herding, tourism and the mining indusrty – including mining for gem diamonds, uranium, gold, silver and base metals- form the backbone of Zur's economy.


Pre-Colonial PeriodEdit

Calintropian RuleEdit

While the first explorations of Aelian powers predated in sveral centuries the creation of the protectorade, the city of Zur was founded as a factory for trade by Purpurian traders at the 3008 a.a.H, existing as well trade centers of other aelian powers, as Degoland and Juanpableiro. However, will be only during the 3030's when the purpurian will advance further inland. When was declared the protectorade of Zur by the Calintropian Empire of the Purpurian at 3048, it was only to formalize in the international comunity the de-facto power held by the purpurians on Zur. It functions was as a trading colony, exporting raw products from Zarhuy to the metropolis, and importing manufactured products. Despise the ban of slavery in 3018 by the Calintropian Empire, this law was ignored by the colonial authorities, who used other figures for indentured, forced labour, and despise the international ban on slave trade issued by the Joaquintopian Empire, smugglers of Zur exported slaves to Sao Azil. This Purpurian colony Was founded during the colonial expansion of Aels.It won't be until 30 years, after it's founding when it will be free from Purpurian rule.

During it's early days it was a huge trading colony. It traded many things, like slaves, and weapons. This main point in it's goverment will make Zur a successful colony, then later part of the Zurhay goverment.
Siege of Zur

The siege of Zur

Zur Independence WarEdit

The rebellion began at year 3078, and will be proclaimed the independence of the Republic of Zur at 3084, after 6 years of conflict and the destruction of the city of Zur and it's economy. The newly proclaimed government, formed of a cohalition of rebel groups of ethnic-purpurian human colonists, buntu and other zarhuycan human groups and as well non-humans. The new republican government, lead by idealists who claimed the equality of all the inhabitants of Zur, banned the discrimination of non-humans, the various forms of forced labour -labelld as they where, slavery-, being choosen as first president James Duncan Burr.

The First Republic of ZurEdit

The first republic of Zur, under the lead of President Duncan Burr, was challenged to rebuild  

Here lies Duncan burr

Two citizens of Zur looking at the memorial of Duncan

from the ruins of the indenpendence war, while leading a cohalition of groups who only had united before against a common enemy, the Calintropian Empire, which had been defeated. While the capitol of Zur was rebuilded, the republic faced many challenges, such as the recurrent rebellions of diverse groups -purpurians, zarhuycan humans, orcs, beast people-, as clashed the idealism of their laws and constitution with the hate and competence between the diverse groups.

Ignacian ZurEdit

With rising tension sin Zur between the human and non-human comunities -and within the non-human-, in great part due the demographic expansion of humanity and the arrival of inmigrants from Aels, who rejected the ban of discrimination of humans, the situation within Zur quickly degraded. This was seen as an oportunity by the newly founded Gastronomic Empire, who had alreayd set a colony to the north of Zur, Uneghe. Since 3151 a.a.H, the Ignacian colonial autorities began to fund, equip and train ethnic-purpurian settlers, while more and more ignacian citizens inmigrated to Zur. When, after the end of the Anglasecuarnian Wars, the Gastronomic Empire was granted the land claims of former Calintropian colonies in Zarhuy, the 3157 the Gastronomic Empire invaded the Republic of Zur, in the Ignacian-Zur War. Helped by ethnic-purpurians and recent inmigrants, and thanks to their modern equipment, the Gastronomic Empire quickly seized control of the coastal cities and Zur, being Zur military defeat complete. Quickly was claimed Zur a colony of the Empire, and was claimed the legal superiority of humanity -specifically, Aelian humanity- over any other inhabitants. But, due their new discriminatory laws, and the brutal occupation of Zur, the war that already was over, sparkled again: remnants of the Zur army, and specially, non-humans and zarhuycan humans who rebeled again the new law, retreated to the Zuri desert, the wilds and mountains, to keep fighting the invader. The rebellion will be violently crushed, and will end at 3160 a.a.H. Zur had become Ignacian.

Suadabrian RuleEdit

Due the despotic and often brutal Ignacian rule, the tensions among Zur will increase. It was because of this why, during the Second Ignacian sucession war (3224-3237), the province will rebel and fall in chaos, with fighting among several warring factions, destroying and raging the country. As the Ignacian Empire collapsed at 3237 a.a.H, the UPC mandated the country to the recently found Union of Suadabria, a christopherian protectorade. While Christophenia keeped the protectorade over Suadabria, Zur was slowly rebuilded, but the conflicts where latent, only cooled down by the Christopherian. After the Tris-Tigris-Hidraulic War, and the Independence of Suadabria, Suadabria will enact a serie of laws that discriminated the Zurian from having any real power within the Union, and among the Zurian, to discriminate non-humans and Zarhuycans from Aelian humans. This made the conflict more latent, and as rebels of Zur and Vanilion raised arms against Suadabria, the weakness of

Suadabria and the chaos of the country, was an excuse used by the Münzen, who crushed all the opposing sides in their late imperialism at 3268 a.a.H. While Münzen restituted the rights for all the population, regardless of race or specie, they still where foreign invaders, and the equalization of all kinds of humans to non-human alienated much of the former ruling class of Suadabria, rebelling the humans against the Münzen, and as well, bringing together some formerly opposing groups against a common enemy. After one year, at 3269 a.a.H, due international pressure, Münzen was forced to abandone their newly found colonial empire: But before the Union of Suadabria was back to fight among themselves, Chechoslovakia, who was the "champion" of the cause of Suadabria in front of the Münzen invasion, annexed the whole Union, which will be a battlefield during the MW-UVA war.

Second Independence WarEdit

After the war and the defeat of the UVA, The Union of Suadabria will ignore the unilateral declaration of independence of Zur, and a low intensity conflict will be fought between 3280-3291 a.a.H, when Suadabria finally recogniced the independence of Zur.

The Second Republic of ZurEdit

The Second Republic of Zur, who considered itself a sucessor state of the First Republic, tried to put an end to the unrest and ethnic conflicts that had ragged the south of Zarhuy for more than a century and half, claiming the equality of all inhabitants in front of law. Was as well recovered the figure of Duncan Burr -figure previously abhorred by many human-supremasist groups. Other difficult task was to rebuild the economy, which war after war had left in a weakened state. As well, while a war was fought against Suadabria, who recognized their independence, they had to keep balance with their more powerful neighbor, who while as well had a mayor change of regime, didn't meant was the end of their desires of Union. Not always was easy to keep the balance, as will happen during the Pentarchy-War, and the brief occupations of Zur once more time, by Suadabria, and later, for a second time, Chechoslovakia, but now known as the Ozean Empire. After regaining their independence from the empire, the raise of new political groups -the GOFFY party- brought again inestability to the country.

República Goffiana de ZurEdit

The República Goofiana de Zur or Third Republic, was a new government ruled by a single party, the GOFFY party, ideology that during the 3320's controled all southern Ushaenor and southern Zarhuy.

Fifth World War, The Last WarEdit

-Insert nukes here-

Late HistoryEdit

Blah blah. Post Nuclear Aiers, more GOFFY, LSB and Hettichania.


Politics and GovernmentEdit

The Republic of Zur is a stable multi-party parliamentary democracy. During it's history, had different political regimes -Absolute Monarchy, under the Calintropian and Gastronomic Empire, Presidential Republic, during the first republic, Constitutional monarchy under Christophenia, limited democracy during Suadabria's rule, Münzen Socialism, parliamentary democracy during the second republic, Goffian monopartidistic rule during the third republic, among others.


Zur’s economy is tied closely to Suadabria’s due to their shared history. The largest economic sectors are mining , agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. While rich in natural resources, the recurent wars, invasions and other conflicts have often destroyed the infraestructure of Zur, existing a great dichotomy between the richest and poorer population.


Zur's population is of 2,700,000 inhabitants: of them, 2,100,000 are human and 600,000, non human (mostly elves, orcs, beast people and dwarves).

The majority of the Zuri population is of Butu-speaking origin – mostly of the Uvambo ethnicity, which forms about half of the population – residing mainly in the north of the country, although many are now resident in towns throughout Zur. Other zarhuycan human ethnic groups are the Herreros and Imba people, who speak a similar language, and the Samara, who speak the same "click" language as the Mana. In addition to the Butu majority, there are large groups of Khoyan (such as Mana), descendants of the first human groups of Forhel. Aelian Humans are about 200,000, and are of diverse origin -Purpurian, Calintropian, Juanpableiro, Ignacian, Christopherian, Suadabrian, Münzen, Anuchian, Chechoslovakian, Hettichslovakian, Sargonic, Degoer- Among the non humans, the most important groups are Forhel Green orcs, Loranor Beastpeople and rossness elves (Wild and High elves).




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